Henry H001

Henry H001 Lever Action Rifle

Henry Repeating Arms Co has an array of classic lever action rifles designed for hunting squirrels to elk, making sure there’s one suitable for every occasion.

Frontier model H001T rifle features a 20 inch blued heavy octagon barrel and high capacity tubular magazine with American walnut furniture highly polished for high shine finish, along with an easy to adjust Marbles semi buckhorn rear sight and brass beaded front sight for quick target acquisition.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Tyler Henry created an innovative lever-action firearm during the 1860s that would leave an everlasting mark on firearms history and culture. Though not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, Benjamin Tyler Henry turned his passion for design into something groundbreakingly American. Today, his rifle still graces our landscape despite production ceasing 131 years ago. Anthony Imperato trademarked and, together with his father Louis, established a new company to produce the Henry H001 lever-action rifle – and its success since has been unrivaled. Now available in several calibers (chambered for 22 LR; though side gate variants are planned). Features adjustable buckhorn sights and American walnut furniture complete this exceptional firearm.

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