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Henry the Hatter in Southfield, Mich., is Still a Family Business

At Henry the Hatter, many traditions remain intact despite changes at its Eastern Market shop and Southfield store locations. Junior sales associate Joe Renkiewicz knows well the old ways of business.

Block and repair hats by hand, and his bird-obsessed farmers – Finn, Quinn, Jake, and Daisy from Mearns Quails — receive tiny hats on TikTok.

Early Life and Education

John Henry began his career as a hatter in a small one-room shop. His mission was to produce only premium quality hats and have employees treat customers fairly – an approach which set him apart from other hatters of the day.

Gratiot Avenue store eventually moved to Library Park Hotel Building at Gratiot and Library Streets in Detroit; eventually another storefront opened up in Southfield, Michigan.

Students at Henry Elementary of the Parkway School District initiated a fundraising initiative in 1995 in order to assist a fellow student suffering from cancer. Their idea was for each student paying to wear a hat on campus for one day a week; eventually this effort raised over $50K, and later after his passing his hat became the subject of an exhibit in Ipswich England.

Achievement and Honors

Over time, Henry the Hatter’s business has earned widespread acclaim. Notable customers include Detroit Mayor Coleman Young, Jack White, Kid Rock and President Dwight D. Eisenhower who wore one to his 1956 inaugural ceremony!

Paul Wasserman’s store, one of the oldest hat shops in the country, was recognized with multiple awards by American Hat Retailers Association including Traveling Hat Salesman of the Year from their Traveling Hat Salesmen category and Appalachian Center for Civic Life Hope Award and Induction into Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Sigma Iota and Spanish Honor Societies at Mercer University.

In December 2017 he opened a second location in Detroit’s Eastern Market and has seen many loyal customers support him even after closing the downtown store.

Personal Life

Henry Aaron is an outstanding Texas personal-injury attorney. Known for driving expensive cars and hosting lavish parties for his clients, including throwing his daughter Maya a quinceanera that cost $6 Million featuring performances by Pitbull and former boy bander Nick Jonas, Henry Aaron stands out among his colleagues as a forceful legal force.

Historic Royal Palaces recently acquired a glorious Tudor hat said to have been worn by King Henry VIII when he captured Boulogne and placed it on display at Hampton Court Palace, one of his favourite homes. They bought it directly from descendants of Nicholas Bristowe who served all three of Henry’s children during religious and political turbulence during his term as clerk of wardrobe for Henry.

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Net Worth

Henry is the richest character in the game and is known for his extravagant spending and displays of wealth. He throws extravagant parties, hires hip-hop stars to perform at his events and produces his own reality show; plus, he travels in his private Learjet and boasts an exotic car collection in his garage.

Henry started off as a small-time criminal but quickly rose to stardom after successfully stealing the Tunisian Diamond. Based on player choices, Henry can become either a Government agent, bounty hunter, member of a criminal organization (either its leader or recruit), cyborg or space resort owner.

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