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Henry Allen Ironside

Henry Allen Ironside was born into a dangerously ill environment; therefore, when his birthing nurses first discovered his heartbeat 40 minutes after birth they failed to detect its pulse and save it in time. Luckily a nurse detected one after 40 minutes, thus saving his life.

He became a widely known Bible teacher through his itinerant ministry that included teaching at Bible conferences and schools as well as pastoring Chicago’s Moody Memorial Church for 18 years.

Early Life and Education

Harry Ironside was born and raised in California by a Plymouth Brethren mother who taught him to pass out tracts and memorize Scripture – by age 10 Harry had read through the entire Bible fourteen times!

At Henry Varley’s meetings, Edmund met pianist Helen Schofield. In 1898 they married, and later that same year their first son Edmund Henry Ironside was born.

After preaching at Moody Church in Chicago, Ironside was asked to serve a trial year as pastor. Accepting this offer and traveling regularly across US cities for sermons. Later that year he traveled abroad as well, ministering in England, Scotland and Ireland before visiting California where he preached to over two thousand people each night! Olive Tree offers his expository volumes for Ezra Nehemiah Esther Proverbs Song of Solomon as part of our bundled set.

Professional Career

Ironside became an accomplished Bible teacher despite having only minimal formal education, becoming nationally renowned through an itinerant teaching ministry. He preached at meetings hosted by Moody Bible Institute and Evangelical College (now Dallas Theological Seminary), as well as regularly lecturing on radio broadcasts.

He was also an accomplished author, publishing multiple pamphlets. Often traveling across both country and globe to preach sermons to large crowds–sometimes up to thousands–of listeners.

He was known as an incredible soul winner and would regularly hold meetings in theaters, schools and town halls. He often credited Dwight Lyman Moody with inspiring him to preach sermons that could draw people in to hear about Jesus. Additionally, his sermons were notable as being brief; usually lasting no more than 35 minutes in an era when sermons could often span twice that timeframe.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Allan Ironside was one of America’s best-known Bible teachers. He authored several books on theology, biblical interpretation, and practical Christian living; his verse-by-verse sermons (known in Britain as “running commentaries”) attracted large crowds to churches, theaters, and coliseums alike.

He was a leader of American conservative Protestantism, yet did not belong to any particular denomination. He frequently spoke at Bible conferences and was an instructor at both Moody Bible Institute and the Evangelical College in Texas (which later became Dallas Theological Seminary).

He traveled worldwide for Bible teaching and missionary work. From 1942-1948 he served as President of the Africa Inland Mission before making four evangelistic and Bible conference trips through England, Scotland and Ireland – each time drawing crowds to hear him preach! Additionally he was an prolific writer whose books captured his fiery preaching style.

Personal Life

Ironside wrote several books during his lifetime that captured the magic of his preaching. His personal life served as an example of trusting in God even when money wasn’t enough to support himself and his family; at one point they spent ten days traveling between street meetings until finally when their funds ran out they received an envelope with $15 which sufficed for another day’s meeting expenses.

Henry Allan Ironside was born to John and Sophia Stafford on 14 October 1876 and initially misdiagnosed, so that nurses could focus their care on his mother. At three, he started memorizing Scripture; at eleven he started his own Sunday school which attracted 60 attendees each week.

Net Worth

Henry Bax-Ironside has amassed a net worth estimated between $1-5 Million according to various online sources, having made his money as an accomplished Diplomat.

He owns an exquisite Hollywood Hills residence featuring an expansive swimming pool and spa, two-car garage, stone-lined backyard and sprawling 2,341-square foot home with four bedrooms, beamed ceilings and a corner brick fireplace.

He has also voiced numerous video games, such as “Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars”, in which he voiced Sam Fisher. While Ubisoft reused him in later installments of this role (which can often involve bloody violence), Ubisoft eventually decided to hire another actor due to Ubisoft’s restrictive licensing agreement for motion capture performances. This decision makes sense considering its nature: violent character portrayals.

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