Henry Lucero

Henry Lucero

Henry Lucero has resided at 10 Coverly Ln in Saint Louis MO for 29 years, becoming well-known for his impeccable style, passion for family and dedication to service and community involvement.

His elegant approach to contemporary couture showcases all things feminine, unique and desired. Drawing inspiration from culture and storytelling, his collections reflect the vibrancy of their muses.

Early Life and Education

In 1973 he moved to Alamogordo and worked at White Sands Missile Range with civil service until 2003. He loved his job and enjoyed working alongside such amazing individuals.

He was an avid hunter and fisherman who inspired this passion in his children, while supporting their extracurricular activities and supporting his grandchildren’s athletic endeavors. We will miss him deeply.

His survivors include his wife Katy Lucero, sons Henry Lucero and Eric Lucero, daughter Sheryl Lucero (Eddie DeLuca), grandchildren Alana Taiaroa, Kiersten Lucero, Remy Lucero and Bailey Lucero; sister Mabel White as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Nieves and Elisa Lucero predeceased him along with brother Reynaldo Lucero.

Professional Career

Henry Lucero enjoyed working as a communications mechanic on the White Sands Missile Range from 1973 to 2003 and taking great joy in working alongside his fellow colleagues, hunting and taking his kids to sporting events.

Coop and Lucero allow their guard to slip during patrol one day, leading to them being surprised by a pair of tweakers who strip them naked before transporting them to a remote location, taking one of Lucero’s phones so he cannot call for assistance.

Once the tweakers discover that Lucero has a tracker, they think he is trying to escape and force him into a grave and shoot him. However, his brother John knows how to play dead; thus distracting his captors while making his way toward freedom on foot.

Achievement and Honors

John served in the US Army from 1971-1973 and earned numerous war metals. Additionally, he worked in mining as well as being a successful business owner and was an ardent family man who greatly loved Katy.

He has participated in various exhibitions and fashion shows, such as LA Fashion Week. Additionally, his collections are inspired by culture and storytelling; known for their elegance and sophistication.

The Community Engagement Award recognizes students who have built bridges between campus and community organizations or initiated an engaging project that exemplifies community involvement – such as an event, campaign or partnership – by developing relationships between these entities or creating projects which demonstrate commitment. It’s a wonderful way to recognize a student whose efforts have made a real impactful difference within their local community.

Personal Life

Henry was an immensely generous individual who always shared his knowledge and affection for family. He especially had a fondness for animals, particularly his springer spaniel named Monk and later Tinkerbell the cat who eventually adopted Henry into her heart.

In his later years, he enjoyed spending his time at his ranch where he was cared for by Comfort Keepers’ staff and blessed with many dependable friends who provided daily companionship.

He was an honorable American who served in the U.S. Army from 1971-1973, earning multiple war medals during that time. A loving father, grandfather and husband to many who knew him personally; we will miss his quick wit and radiant smile but rest easy knowing he is at peace now.

Net Worth

Lucero is an award-winning singer with multiple platinum records to her name. Known for her charming persona and numerous accolades won through telenovelas and films, her popularity has made her one of the most sought-after performers today. Furthermore, she has hosted the Latin Grammy Awards eight times!

She is also an advocate for children. She has led multiple telethons to raise funds for them and, most notably, in 1997 led a 27-hour nonstop telethon for a hospital.

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