Henry McLeod

Henry McLeod

Henry Mcleod was born on the 15th day of 1856 at his birthplace and passed away 14 months later at his deathplace on 15th day 1904.

He married Emily A McLeod (from Toxteth Park). They had one child. Additionally, he was known to be Kell-positive – a blood disorder which can pose several pregnancy related challenges – which was an added liability during his life.

Early Life and Education

Henry McLeod was born in Tibbermore Parish near Perth in Scotland on September 15, 1806. His parents were Henry McLeod and Margaret McKinlay and he had three siblings – one brother and two sisters. Henry attended both primary and secondary schools for education.

He joined the military in 1928 and served with both 5th Saskatchewan Regiment and Regina Rifle Regiment up until 1934 when he transitioned into Royal Canadian Air Force 443 Squadron RCAF.

As E-5 Buck Sergeant, he was transferred to Bavaria, West Germany where he secured nuclear missiles. For this work he received numerous medals as well as the Good Conduct Ribbon; later retiring in 1946 and returning home.

Professional Career

Henry McLeod earned international renown as a skilled pilot and flying ace during World War II while serving with the Royal Canadian Air Force. During that conflict he claimed 21 enemy aircraft destructions – seven sure losses and three probable ones.

He became known as “the Flying Scot”, and is honored with membership into the Order of Canada – an honour bestowed for distinguished military service.

Police reported that Pennington would distract the victim while McLeod and Trevino, working together, sneaked through an unlocked door and took items including a flat screen TV, cash and credit cards from her house. With help from store surveillance video footage, police identified McLeod as their suspect; he was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon and now stands accused of both aggravated assault and unlawful possession of weapons.

Achievement and Honors

Henry McLeod is an accomplished pilot and member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. He completed training on 1 April 1941 and arrived in Great Britain nine days later to enroll at 57 OTU before serving as squadron leader with 443 Squadron RCAF.

He has received many honors and awards throughout his career, such as being named to the Order of Palmetto. Additionally, he holds several academic achievements like earning an honorary doctorate.

He is an enthusiastic Latinist who began learning the language as soon as his freshman year of high school began, continuing his study while in seminary for the Diocese of Nashville. Additionally, he holds great appreciation for South Carolina culture as well as serving many men and women in uniform in his military time.

Personal Life

McLeod is a Roman Catholic who is enthusiastic about Latin. He began learning it during his freshman year of high school and continues to study it today. Additionally, he enjoys reading extensively as well as having a strong interest in philosophy.

Henry McLeod earned the distinction of shooting down 21 enemy aircraft during World War II as commander of 433 Squadron near Wesel, Germany on September 27, 1944.

In 1952 he became National Volunteer-in-Chief of the Defiance Campaign alongside Maulvi Cachalia as his deputy, engaging in civil disobedience against six unjust laws by creating the Freedom Charter at Kliptown on 26 June 1955 – an activity which would eventually land him behind bars at Pretoria Local Prison.

Net Worth

Henry McLeod reportedly has an estimated net worth of $8 Million. His family owns an extensive agricultural business in South Carolina and he owns numerous properties there.

His farm produces peaches and strawberries, which he sells from three locations: roadside store south of McBee, packing house north of town and at Florence Farmer’s Market. Additionally, his online gift pack program ships fruit directly to customers.

Nick Osgood of Chesterfield County was honored with being selected the 2011 Farmer of the Year in South Carolina by an esteemed panel of judges, led by Horticulture Agent Tony Melton from Chesterfield County who considers him “the finest farmer I know”. Nick became the first farmer from this county ever to win this honor.

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