Henry Meats

Henry Meats

Henry Meat Shop provides steak delivery. Their website boasts an assortment of high quality fine meats such as filet mignon, porterhouse steak and rib eye.

Lamb Henrys are small one person-sized joints from lamb shoulders that are slowly cooked for an energizing meal.

Early Life and Education

Birth to age eight is a crucial time in brain development and can shape their lifelong wellbeing. Researchers and educators agree that children need experiences which promote both emotional and cognitive development in order to thrive.

Henry’s meat market in Kansas City is widely revered. It all began with one man with an unerring sense for talent among young people and an immense passion for his trade.

After years of struggling to secure work delivering newspapers, selling shoes and doing administrative tasks, Henry decided to venture on his own with an entrepreneurial venture that focused on processing deer venison at a leased facility. Soon enough more and more people began coming in via referral from friends and family – an indication of true entrepreneurialism on Henry’s part.

Professional Career

Henry began his professional journey by processing deer hunter meat for his family and friends. Once word spread about his products and people started asking for them, Henry decided to set up a small business out of a leased building in Troy.

Henry continued to expand his deli, hiring George as his nephew’s business partner in the 80s. George brought an entrepreneurial drive that took the business beyond anything Henry ever could have hoped for.

In 2022, he qualified for his first National Finals Rodeo (NFR) tie-down roping competition and placed ninth overall with $217,108 earned during season earnings. In addition, he won both Angelina Benefit Rodeo and Redding Rodeo. Furthermore, he’s won several local rodeos as well as five consecutive Gooding Pro Rodeo champion titles. Additionally he’s an accomplished team roper having competed at American in Las Vegas.

Achievement and Honors

Henry achieved early success at both shows by winning both reserve champion Angus steer at National Western Stock Show Denver and grand champion steer at state fair – two important milestones on a path towards further honors and achievements. This marks just the beginning of an extensive list of accomplishments and accolades to come for him in future endeavors.

Heinz family elders made it abundantly clear to their children and subsequent generations of the Heinz family that they wanted each to give back to the community, manifested through each person’s passions and interests.

Henry has long been an ardent supporter of Wisconsin and beyond’s agricultural community, using her experience at UW-Madison as a Farm and Industry Short Course housefellow, Alice in Dairyland participant, CALS instructor and leader of the Agricultural Business Management Club to assist others. Additionally, Henry serves as associate director for Renk Agribusiness Institute.

Personal Life

Henry was an active participant in his local community, serving on many committees such as the board of the Eastern Meat Packers Association. Additionally, he was a member of both the American Meat Institute and Canadian Meat Institute.

Heinz was renowned for fostering healthy food production, marketing strategies, business integrity and empathic leadership. A strong supporter of family values, Heinz worked tirelessly to ensure his company’s continued success and longevity.

Heinz was active in both the German Community and Sincerity Lodge 181, specifically with their Fishing Clubs: the Mechanics Exchange Fishing Club and sincerity Lodge 181. Additionally, Heinz and his wife attended St Mark’s Methodist Church before his burial at Green Mount Cemetery.

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