Henry Olyphant

Henry Olyphant

Robert Forster is best-known for his brilliant portrayal of complex Kentucky Marshal Raylan Givens on FX’s modern-day Southern gothic series Justified from 2010 to 2015; and will reprise that role for Justified: City Primeval when it premieres in 2023.

Olyphant’s two sisters, Grace Katherine and Vivian, add warmth and charm to his close-knit family, while Timothy and Alexis Knief have unwaveringly supported his career and aspirations.

Early Life and Education

Henry Olyphant was born in California in 2001 and is the middle child of Timothy Olyphant, an esteemed American actor who made his acting debut off-Broadway theatre in 1995. Henry has two sisters named Grace Katherine and Vivian Olyphant.

He is a descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt and has English, German, Irish, Dutch and Scottish ancestry. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from UCLA.

He is currently single and prioritizing his education before setting any other goals, serving as an excellent example of resilience and ambition that is prevalent among young Americans today. Furthermore, he serves as an inspirational example to his siblings who both possess acting talent. Additionally, he has appeared as guest stars on such popular television shows as The Office, The Mindy Project, The Grinder, Santa Clarita Diet and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Professional Career

Timothy has played various law-enforcement officers on screen, such as Sheriff Seth Bullock in HBO’s Deadwood and Marshal Raylan Givens on FX’s crime drama Justified. Additionally, he appeared as Joel Hammond alongside Drew Barrymore in the Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet.

He lives with his son Henry in California with Alexis Knief as a stay-at-home mother for their children.

Henry is a young American actor whose father, well-known for his acting, won multiple awards and nominations throughout his career. Now studying at one of the country’s premier universities, Henry prefers keeping his private life out of public eye by prioritizing education while appearing on shows such as The Good Place, Grinder and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Olyphant is the son of American actor Timothy Olyphant who first made his Broadway theater debut with an off-Broadway theater production in 1995. Henry is married and shares two children with Alexis Knief, Grace Katherine and Vivian Olyphant.

They met while attending college and married eight years later in 1991. Before starting a family together, the couple wanted ample time to enjoy one another’s company first.

Couple of 25 Years! Tim and Cara continue their passionate relationship in California with two children of their own and share an affinity for acting and each other. He is widely-renowned for his extraordinary performances on series like ‘Justified’ and ‘Deadwood,’ garnering many awards and nominations along the way.

Personal Life

Henry Olyphant was born to famous American actor Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief in 2001 in California, United States and has two siblings named Grace Katherine Olyphant and Vivian Olyphant; their grandparents include John Vernon Bevan Olyphant and Katherine Lyon Olyphant.

His parents married in 1991 and are deeply in love, bearing three children – including Henry Olyphant as their youngest.

They prefer to keep their personal lives private, keeping pets like rabbits and guinea pigs at home as pets. Both parties are frequently seen together at red carpet events and award shows; together they make up a happy and successful family, always trying their best to impress their children with great moments in their lives.

Net Worth

He has become internationally acclaimed through his acting career and received several award nominations. Some of his notable movies and TV shows include Scream 2, A Man of His Own, Hitman: Agent 47, Damage My Name Is Earl and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

His net worth stands at $20 Million, most of it earned through film and television work – specifically his iconic role as US Marshal Ryan Givens on Justified has increased his notoriety and fame significantly.

Henry Knief is married and has three children. He and Alexis Knief have been in a relationship since college sweethearts; now living together and married for more than 30 years in Westwood, California with two daughters named Grace and Vivian as well as Henry their son.

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