Henry Rox

Henry Rox – A Crazy Revue With Underlying Wit and Launige Charm

Henry Rox’s photographic world is an extravagant spectacle replete with absurdist humor and playful charm, using disguise and parody for comedic effect, simple arrangements and stagings, such as casting characters using fruits and vegetables as main protagonists as his hallmark.

Powers Fabrications LLC of Baltimore was responsible for producing the 9 foot (2.7 meter) tuft for Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen’s Venice Biennale installation piece.

Early Life and Education

Henry Rox was a German sculptor, book illustrator and photographer best known for his fruit- and vegetable-themed art work. A member of Berlin’s art scene until expelled from Berlin by Nazi Germany in 1934, Henry expanded his range by exploring photo sculpture in London which involved photographing characters made out of fruit or vegetables for photo op.

Tommy Apple and His Adventures in Banana-Land is a children’s book created from this project, following an apple named Tommy through his adventures with Peggy Pear, Mr. Tomato, Lady Leek, etc. Full page photographs in both black-and-white and color depict anthromorphized fruits and vegetables who think, speak and act like people – some even feature additional coloring to emphasize facial expressions or details!

Professional Career

Rox was immersed in vibrant developments of pictorial art during the first decades of the 20th century, drawing great inspiration from Fauves (a group of painters known for using bright colors and eccentric brushstrokes). His creative work was greatly impacted by their influence.

His sculptures were shown at various cities throughout Germany and Europe before he emigrated to America and accepted a lecturer position at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley.

He worked as both a sculptor and book illustrator. His most prominent pieces are small fruit and vegetable photo sculptures he created during the 1930s and 50s (before leaving Germany), which were popular among collectors across America until his death in 1967. However, since that time they have fallen into disuse.

Achievement and Honors

Rox’s photographic world of images is an eccentric circus filled with humor, charm, disguises and parodies – works that are equally inventive and simplistic in composition.

The 9th Annual Rox Athletic Alumni Summer Reunion/Golf Outing was a tremendous success on July 22 at Parke County Golf Course, drawing alumni together to renew acquaintances, share high school memories and enjoy an afternoon of golf – each attendee receiving a commemorative Rox Athletic Alumni logo tote bag as they left.

Russ Campbell was honored during this event as he received the 5th Annual Outstanding Former Rox Coach Award, having served as head coach of all three Rox sports – boys basketball, baseball and boys tennis teams during his time. Additionally, Teddi Buell and Eddie Baker each received scholarships totalling $10,000 through Parke County Community Foundation endowment programs – an unprecedented event!

Personal Life

Rox teamed up with illustrator John Laver to produce two children’s books entitled Tommy Apple and His Adventures in Banana-Land and Its Sequel Banana Circus during the 1940s, which featured his anthropomorphic images demonstrating his understanding of body sculpture – for instance the Banana Trumpeter playing his brass instrument while wearing a skirt of sugar snap peas, or Lady Leek with her unconventional hair made up of leek roots wearing an eccentric floor-length green dress composed of leaves.

Henry Rox was long thought of as an obscure artist until Wolfgang Vollmer’s book shed light on his impressive artistic career. His works can still be found scattered among archives and museums in America and Europe; he passed away in South Hadley in 1967 with five siblings.

Net Worth

Henry Rox is an immensely successful artist with an estimated net worth of $151 million. His income stems both from his work on The Walking Dead and trading Crowdstrike stock; since 2020 he has made over 52 transactions worth $8,218 and sold $113 Million of Crowdstrike shares.

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