Henry Shapiro

Henry Shapiro

Henry Shapiro is a hematology oncologist based in Jupiter, FL. A graduate from SUNY Stoney Brook Med Ctr, he is affiliated with numerous medical facilities such as Jupiter Medical Center where he has practiced for more than 48 years.

Jackson Lewis P.C in Long Island, New York currently employs him. His practice specializes in representing employers in workplace law matters including providing preventative advice and counsel.

Early Life and Education

Henry Shapiro was a New Jersey native born and raised in Dover. He learned piano with Paul Sievers on Park Heights Avenue before performing for his first professional gig at Gerhardt’s, an entertainment venue on Lake Hopatcong in 1933 for 75 cents. Subsequently he would perform regularly at clubs and restaurants throughout Morris and Sussex counties; providing entertainment at weddings, proms, bar mitzvahs and private parties alike.

Michael was also an educator and advocate of music education, volunteering to teach piano keyboard to Dover public schools’ students as well as remotely instructing those at High Point Regional.

This collection comprises personal files, correspondence, reference and speech materials, draft articles and lectures delivered at Shapiro’s lectures as a UPI correspondent in Moscow; additional reports, correspondence and materials related to UPI correspondent careers can be found in Addition I of this collection.

Professional Career

Henry Shapiro began to worry about his career prospects as he approached completion of his doctoral dissertation in the 1920s. Professional opportunities were severely restricted.

Anxious about his future career prospects after graduation, however, his anxiety proved unwarranted as soon after he joined United Press International (UPI) as Moscow bureau manager where he would remain until retiring in 1973.

This collection comprises wire service reports, reference files, correspondence, draft articles and lectures, draft memoirs, personal papers and personal scrapbooks. Addition I provides additional correspondence, scrapbooks and notes; addition files provide background information about Russian leaders and international incidents while the speeches and writings file contains interview transcripts, lecture notes and book projects; personal files contain scrapbooks correspondence newspaper clippings while Reference files provide background on those involved; The majority of this collection can be found within five series: Personal File; United Press International Moscow Bureau; Speeches and Writings File; Addition I; Miscellany

Achievement and Honors

In 1979, he received the W. D. Weatherford Prize for his book Appalachia on Our Mind which remains an authoritative text today. Additionally, he has published numerous other works related to American history and culture including Clifton: Neighborhood and Community in an Urban Setting.

Shapiro was an ardent and perseverant reporter. Working from 24 to 36 hours daily, his unyielding work ethic enabled him to pursue news with persistence.

He worked at United Press International for 36 years, covering Soviet affairs in depth. During that time he witnessed Josef Stalin’s blood purges as well as Nikita Khrushchev’s ascension to power. Fluent in Russian, he proved invaluable as part of UPI’s Moscow bureau. After retiring in 1973 he died peacefully on September 13, 2018 aged 84 years.

Personal Life

Shapiro dedicated his life to serving others both personally and professionally. As an expert in law, he offers management training seminars on topics like creating union-free workplace environments, equal employment opportunity and compliance with federal/state regulations such as Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and New York Paid Family Leave Benefits Law.

He is also an accomplished pianist, performing professionally for 48 years. With expertise in pancreatic neoplasms and being highly-trained and experienced hematology oncology specialist.

Erich has written several books and articles, his most recent work being the title ‘The Great Armenian Flight: Migration and Cultural Change in the Seventeenth-Century Ottoman Empire’.

Net Worth

Henry Shapiro was an avid reader and pianist with exceptional piano skills, prolific writer (producing books and articles on many topics) and charismatic public speaker – not to mention 36 years as an employee at United Press International covering Soviet Russia more thoroughly than any American journalist had before him.

Brown University awarded him his bachelor’s degree in classics; Sabanci University granted him his master of business administration; Harvard Divinity School awarded him their master of divinity degree. Since completing a doctoral dissertation on Western Armenian society for Princeton’s Department of History a year ago and writing his book entitled Western Armenian Society Rise he has invested millions annually through stocks to make millions in royalties each year and started The Daily Wire news website as well.

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