Henry Stevens

Henry Stevens

Henry leads USQ’s ground lease strategies and is accountable for investment origination, analysis, structuring and transaction execution. Additionally, Henry contributes his expertise in market research efforts as well as valuations and strategic direction.

Stevens may be notoriously blunt and pushy, yet his scholarship should still be acknowledged for early editions of Lewis Evans’s map of America and providing books to John Carter Brown and the British Museum.

Early Life and Education

Henry Stevens was born in Vevay, Indiana and developed his artistic talent at both Cincinnati Art Academy and Art Students League of New York. Additionally he taught at Sophie Newcomb College in New Orleans as well as visiting Black Mountain Artist Colonies around the US.

At Harvard University, Stevens contributed extensively to The Advocate – his student newspaper – as well as producing stories and sketches for publication.

He was an active member of Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity and Golden Fleece honor society at university as well as active in civic affairs. Additionally, he promoted anti-Masonic sentiment by leading local chapter of Anti-Masonic Party.

Stevens was an avid collector of early Americana and sought advice from Obadiah Rich – a premier authority at that time who owned one of the greatest private collections of such items in existence at that time.

Professional Career

After his return to Vancouver, Stevens quickly established himself in various organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and bank board; he founded and published a newspaper known as Western Call, as well as becoming a Conservative Party politician.

He was elected to the Provincial Parliament in a December 1921 election and served as Minister for Trade and Commerce under Arthur Meighen’s Cabinet. Additionally, he was an active member of the Philanthropic Society, YMCA, and Athletic Association at his university.

Duplin County Judge of General Court. After more pressing duties forced his resignation in 1936, he helped create the Veterans Employment program which helped place over one million veterans into jobs. Furthermore, he was an active life member of American Legion and National Commander for Young Veterans Organization.

Achievement and Honors

Stevens made his mark as an accomplished member and president of the National Book Club, serving on its founding team and serving as its first President. Additionally, Stevens belonged to Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity and Golden Fleece honor society at University of North Carolina.

He was an elder at Presbyterian Church and leader of fall German Club at university, actively involved with his community and supporting local sports teams.

He was also an avid collector, amassing many rare objects related to Americana. Alongside publishing several major catalogues of books and prints, he started copying papers from the Public Record Office and acting as agent for European museums looking for books about America or from it.

Personal Life

Henry Stevens has worked on projects with various companies. He was responsible for deal sourcing and lead generation across several TDP portfolio companies. Henry brings both strong financial credentials as well as in-depth understanding of technology trends to every task he takes on.

He has written books on Nazi UFO conspiracy theories and Hitler survival theories. His works are published by Adventures Unlimited Press, a respected publisher specializing in books related to ancient aliens and pseudoscience.

He was an active participant in local service organizations, such as the American Legion. He organized Veterans Day parade and served as commander of Charles R. Gavin Post of this organization; additionally he served on the Vancouver Board of Trade board and voiced strong criticism against immigration policies as well as Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Net Worth

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He currently boasts an estimated net worth of about $1 Million and makes his money as a professional TV Actor, most famously his role as Larry Mondello on Leave It to Beaver (he appeared in 68 out of its 234 episodes). He currently resides in Philadelphia with his wife Theresa Marinelli and their child together; as well as working as a real estate developer; his work has been displayed at museums and galleries and he has invested successfully on the stock market through making numerous trades over time.

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