Henry Strom

Henry Strom – Superintendent of the Grandview School District

Henry Strom is currently Superintendent of Grandview School District in Yakima Valley and previously held this role with Mount Adams School District for five years.

He emphasizes it is too soon to compare himself and Stelmach. Albertans don’t favor political dynasties; instead they require something fresh and credible.

Early Life and Education

Henry Strom is a Yakama Reservation native who attended public schools before transitioning into overseeing Native education at Washington state government agencies. Now overseeing that department, Henry seeks to increase opportunities for Indigenous students interested in becoming teachers while improving how state and federal agencies identify Native learners, ensuring they don’t go uncounted.

Strom served as Alberta premier from December 12, 1968 until his Social Credit government was defeated by Progressive Conservative opposition leader Peter Lougheed on March 16, 1971, becoming one of Alberta’s shortest-serving premier in its history. He held this office for only 191 days – making him the fourth shortest-serving premier.

On Tuesday, Grandview School Board placed Superintendent Strom on non-disciplinary paid administrative leave until his contract expires, according to a statement released by them. They appointed Assistant Superintendent Jose Rivera as acting superintendent; Grandview has approximately 3,600 students and its graduation rate stands at 96.7 %.

Professional Career

Henry Strom is an educational administrator with nearly 30 years of experience serving public school systems as a teacher, principal and superintendent. Working both rural and urban schools serving diverse populations he mentors other administrators so they may increase their capacity to deliver excellent student care.

Strom describes his new role as overseer of Washington state’s Native education department as like coming home, saying it allows him to help more indigenous people become teachers, improve how state and federal authorities identify Indigenous learners so that they are not undercounted, and bring Since Time Immemorial curriculum to all Washington students.

Mr. Regan also works to assist districts as they provide education to Indigenous students, much like when he led Mount Adams and Grandview schools in Yakima Valley for five and six years respectively.

Achievement and Honors

He served on various local school boards and development boards, was director of the Rural Electricity Association, and an active participant of provincial Water conservation association.

Two Yale affiliates — current student Shayna Strom and former Davenport College senior Sunita Puri — were among 32 American students chosen this year to receive the Rhodes Scholarship, giving them access to study for two years at Oxford University in England. They joined fellow Yale alumni Zachary Kaufman ’00 and Krishanti Vignarajah ’01 who have also won in this storied competition that has run for more than 100 years.

Strom’s new role entails supporting school districts as they provide services to Native learners while also improving state and federal governments’ identification of them. She describes it as feeling like coming home.

Personal Life

Henry Strom has dedicated his entire career to education. From teachers, special educators, principals, superintendents and now leading five schools in Washington’s Yakima Valley for his Grandview School District he has served students of all backgrounds throughout his tenure in education. Furthermore, Henry actively assists aspiring administrators’ professional development.

He is an devoted father and grandfather who enjoys the great outdoors and playing golf, as well as being an ardent supporter of the arts.

He has made numerous public appearances for the government. Additionally, he has participated in political rallies and campaigned for Social Credit candidate Peter Lougheed. Furthermore, he has supported numerous charities, served on multiple organizations’ Boards of Directors, is an avid reader and member of Rotary Club.

Net worth

Henry Strom, Superintendent of Grandview School District in Washington State. With nearly 30 years of experience as an educator ranging from small to midsized districts with diverse student populations and challenging economic environments. Under his guidance, Grandview has experienced significant data growth as well as increased academic achievement across its schools.

According to Form 4 filings with the SEC, Carrie C Strom holds one company within Abbvie Inc (ABBV) family as of July 20, 2023; her estimated net worth exceeds $5 Million dollars. Over the last three years she conducted two insider trades with Abbvie stock; one involved her selling 28,541 shares for over $4,310,833 on February 16th (2023). For further details please see Insider Trading Tracker.

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