Henry the Hippo

Henry the Hippo, Father of Internet Star Fiona, Has Been Put Down

Henry, the beloved hippo who gave us Internet star Fiona, has been humanely put down. According to the zoo’s announcement, this 36-year-old hippo had lost his appetite and was suffering from an infection.

Since his move to Cincinnati last summer and subsequent introduction to Bibi at the new Hippo Cove at Cincinnati Zoo’s Zoo Park, love was at first sight between them.

Early Life and Education

Henry the Hippopotamus arrived at Springfield’s Dickerson Park Zoo at just 7 months of age in 1982, packed in a steel reinforced crate, secured with cargo straps, and loaded into the back of a pickup truck for what they hoped would be his new life.

Henry enjoyed life to its fullest in the zoo’s $8 Million state-of-the-art Hippo Cove. There he met and bedded Bibi, who eventually gave birth to Fiona, one of the world’s most celebrated hippos. Henry became media fodder until recently when he suddenly fell ill at 36 – well past their median life expectancy for Nile hippopotamis. Many will miss him greatly and the zoo has installed a plaque honoring his memory at his honor at 36!

Professional Career

Henry had spent most of his life living at Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield before making the switch to Cincinnati Zoo for its state-of-the-art pool and to be near Bibi. There, the pair became inseparable; later he fathered Fiona who became an international sensation.

Fiona was born premature in January and quickly went through many health scares before becoming a media darling. Her parents, Bibi and Henry, as well as zoo caretakers all played vital roles in helping Fiona survive.

Fiona became one of the first Nile Hippopotamuses ever in captivity to survive after being born six weeks early, and she quickly won over millions around the world. From picking Super Bowl winners to photobombing proposals, she brought joy and happiness to millions around her – leaving Henry an incomparable legacy behind.

Achievement and Honors

Henry the Hippo died October 31 after months of struggling with chronic illness; at 36 he just exceeded the median lifespan for zoo hippos.

Hippo made headlines in 2016 when he fathered Fiona, his sixth baby calf with Bibi, an 18-year-old female at the zoo. Fiona quickly rose to celebrity status thanks to her premature birth and round-the-clock care by staff members at her birthplace zoo in Switzerland.

The Cincinnati Zoo recently announced that they have successfully matched Fiona with Tucker, an 18-year-old male coming in from San Francisco. Both animals have been getting acquainted in Hippo Cove exhibit, giving visitors a clear nose-to-nose view. Soon enough they’ll move in together as living partners.

Personal Life

Henry was a much-loved animal who left behind an incredible legacy through his daughter Fiona – she looks identical to him and shares many of his characteristics, with whom he shared 36 years. Henry lived longer than average for hippotamuses.

At Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, Missouri he found great solace. Popular with visitors who fed him directly from their hands. Famous for his good looks and huge personality – often spraying poop to get people’s attention – this elephant enjoyed visiting.

In the summertime, he made fast friends with Bibi and Fiona, and all enjoyed spending time in their outdoor habitat together playing, bathing and sleeping together. But then suddenly stopped eating and lost weight; his caretakers attempted all manner of treatments but nothing worked.

Net Worth

Henry owns two private jets – Cessna C550 Citation aircraft and an MD80A model. Additionally, he owns an expensive home in Nigeria as well as investing in various companies with an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

Fiona, the preemie hippo that won hearts around the world when she was born prematurely in January, now has a roommate at Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden: 18-year-old male Tucker.

Bibi and Tucker appear to get along quite well, making for an exciting future at Hippo Cove together. The zoo hopes that more babies may join this trio; Tucker has already begun eating hay and squash according to them!

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