How Much Is Lizzy Musi Worth

Lizzy Musi has established herself in the male-dominated sport of racing car driving as an accomplished professional racer. She runs her own racing team and operates her own merchandising business.

Pat Musi, her father, works at his horsepower factory; car racing runs deep within her family as both of her sisters compete as drag racers while her fiance owns racing teams.

Early Life and Education

Lizzy Musi was born into a family of car racers. She began racing at 16 and has won multiple championships during her career. Additionally, Lizzy is also an entrepreneur, having her own racing team and merchandise line.

Musi is the first female racer ever to break 200 mph in 1/8 mile doorslammer drag racing and win a Pro Nitrous national event. She boasts an immense following on social media as well as being an impressive television personality.

Kye Kelley has been her main support system during her health struggles. He promised his commitment by racing professionally with Street Outlaws; his father Pat had won eight World Championships himself!

Professional Career

Lizzy Musi has become one of the richest drivers in racing car history thanks to her career as an amateur driver, beginning racing at just sixteen and following in her father’s footsteps into this competitive field.

She has achieved significant successes throughout her professional career, such as becoming the first woman ever to break 200 MPH in 1/8 Mile Doorslammer Drag Racing and winning a national event in Pro Nitrous. Additionally, she appeared in Adrenaline as well as being featured on Street Outlaws.

As an accomplished racer, her work does not come without risks. She has suffered various injuries that range from minor to severe. Most notably in 2012 during an American Drag Racing League Third Round Qualifier at Bristol Dragway when her 1968 Camaro lost control and crashed.

Achievement and Honors

Lizzy Musi has achieved much in her professional career as a drag racer, appearing on various television programs and making a healthy profit through racing and selling merchandise.

She has had some accidents during her racing career, yet they remain part of the profession and she always comes back stronger afterwards. Her loving family stands by her side as an incredible source of strength; and she serves as an example for others to follow.

Kye Kelley, another co-drag racer and she have been dating since 2017. She maintains an Instagram account in which she posts photographs of herself with family members and automobiles; it boasts a large following.

Personal Life

Lizzy Musi is an acclaimed drag racer who has won multiple competitions. She was featured on the reality series Street Outlaws and operates her own business.

She inherited her father’s racing talent and has quickly become one of the most accomplished female drag racers. She won numerous awards and accolades, such as PDRA Rookie of the Year in 2014. Additionally, she made history as the first woman ever to break 200 MPH in 1/8 Mile Doorslammer competition as well as wining national events like Pro Nitrous racing.

As well as her racing career, Musi also earns income through merchandise sales and her involvement with Musi Racing Engines with her father, which has significantly boosted her net worth. Personally, she is involved in a relationship with fellow drag racer Kye Kelley.

Net Worth

Lizzy Musi is a renowned professional drag racer and business woman, having amassed a significant net worth through career earnings and lucrative brand endorsement deals. She began racing at 16 and since has won multiple world championships.

In 2014, she made history when she became the first female to break 200 MPH in 1/8-mile Doorslammer Drag Racing and win her first national event in Pro Nitrous. Additionally, she works in her father’s company Musi Racing Engines as an engine supplier to many drag racers.

Kye Kelley is currently dating fellow racer and Street Outlaws star Sarah Sagari. They often compete against one another on the tracks; their relationship stands as evidence that supportive partnerships can be an invaluable force for success.

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