How To Limit Exchange 2010 Memory Usage

How to Limit Exchange 2010 Memory Usage

To determine how much memory your exchange server is using, right-click on the tree view, select Properties, and then click on Advanced Options. This will display a list with settings for the service. Look for the msExchESEParamCacheSizeMin and msExchESEParamSizeMax. For the cache size to work, both of these variables must have been set in the same way.

There are two ways to limit Exchange’s memory usage. The first option is to use a role-based resource calculation. This tool is the best way to determine your organization’s physical resource requirements. You can also use a reservation option to ensure that Exchange is able to use the resources it requires. Also, make sure to set up failover clustering, which should be a cold boot and use Hyper-V Live Migration.

Changing how your database stores data will impact your performance. Performance is better with a fixed-size VHD. You should also delete all data from the Exchange server’s hard drive. You should also remove large files from your network disks to improve performance. If you want to use a different storage type, you can create a virtual disk with a fixed-size, or use Internet SCSI.

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