Hyacinth Oliver

Hyacinth Oliver Wants You to Help Her Get Rid of the Green Water Hyacinth

Green water hyacinth has become an issue for those living near large lakes. It blocks access to boats and interferes with recreational activities; furthermore, its presence can alter hydrology of large bodies of water.

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to unlock the Sacking Selwyn side mission by speaking with Hyacinth Oliver in Cragcroftshire. She will instruct the player to defeat Silvanus Selwyn at his hideout near Clagmar Castle ruins and capture him.

Early Life and Education

Hyacinth Oliver of Cragcroft needs your assistance in dealing with Silvanus Selwyn and his gang of thieves who have been disrupting trade routes and harassing shop owners like Bella Navarro. She will offer you a generous reward if you can penetrate their hideout at Clagmar Castle and eliminate Selwyn and his cohorts.

To complete this task, it is important to use the Disillusionment charm to enter the ruins undetected while using Petrificus Totalus on him from behind. Furthermore, block his Depulso attack while employing Stupefy on him to weaken him further.

If you meet the requirements for this quest early, there is a risk that clearing and defeating Selwyn before time may result in an issue where Hyacinth Oliver won’t appear correctly.

Professional Career

He began his career as a professional footballer but later transitioned into television, appearing in theatre variety shows and hosting game shows such as Take Your Pick and Countdown. Additionally, he appeared in movies and television shows such as The Des O’Connor Show and Nanny McPhee.

To initiate the Sacking Selwyn side quest, players must reach level 35 and fast travel to Cragcroft Floo Flame where Hyacinth Oliver can explain that an Ashwinder faction led by Silvanus Selwyn are terrorizing Cragcroft village by disrupting trade routes and harassing residents such as Bella Navarro.

She will then present two options; either demanding more for themselves in terms of reward, or choosing “Happy to Help”. In either instance, players will receive special gloves along with 500 Galleons as their reward.

Achievement and Honors

No matter if it be Isa preparing for an important violin audition (Isa), Jessie working on her science fair project (Jessie), or Oliver helping out his mysterious neighbor (Oliver), Vanderbeeker kids of 141st street are determined to make their world better through humorous plans of action.

Once they complete the Sacking Selwyn side quest, players may speak to Hyacinth Oliver and either ask for more rewards or simply accept her help, in which case she will award them with Ashwinder Skull Gloves as well as any amount of Galleons they desire.

Personal Life

Hyacinth Oliver is the author of multiple books, most notably Wild Geese. Her poetry often connects animals and plants with human experience, often by juxtaposing imagery from nature with poetry written about humans.

Together with her husband, Bishop C Milton Grannum, they co-founded and pastor New Covenant Church. Furthermore, they are internationally recognized Bible expositor/trainers of leaders/authors.

Operation Hyacinth stands out among gay-themed movies by not shying away from depictions of homophobia, such as cop procedurals like Serpico or Freebie and the Bean, or LGBTQ self-discovery stories like Carol or Brokeback Mountain; its two protagonists even evoke protagonists from classic 1970s gay love stories, making this an excellent watch to get a feel of real LGBT lives today.

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