i am american in chinese

I Am American in Chinese

Whether you are visiting China for business or pleasure, you may be curious to know how the locals say hello to you. The following list of chinese greetings are not only clever but they are also a lot of fun to say. You may even pick up a new friend or two on the way.

There are literally thousands of Chinese greetings. The best ones have names that are unabashedly polite and are accompanied by a good old fashioned nod of the head. It’s a shame many of these aren’t as well thought out as the best known examples. This is not to say that you can’t learn them and make yourself feel at home. The most important thing is to be sure that you aren’t offended by a good hello and goodbye. A proper etiquette should always be followed. This is why a plethora of etiquette guides are essential to any good traveler.

The main drawback is the fact that you can’t actually pronounce some of these tame. It’s only after you’ve arrived that you get to truly experience the best of what the Chinese people have to offer. During this time period, you’ll get to see the sights and taste some of the best local cuisine in the form of dim sum. It’s also a great chance to hone your Mandarin or Cantonese. These etiquette guides will help ensure your trip to the Land of the Dragon is the most memorable ever. Luckily, your Chinese travel agent will be more than willing to help you out. During your journey, you’ll be able to ask the locals about their favorite places to visit and eat. If you are lucky, you might even get a free lunch. The only downside is that you might end up with a mouth full of food that’s not as tasty as your host’s.

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