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Godfather of Pittsburgh Winner

Vince Isoldi may run an impressive business empire of nightclubs and restaurants, yet is far from your average mobster. However, his life can be seen on A&E reality show Godfather of Pittsburgh which depicts both his family life and any controversy which surrounds him.

The eight episode series chronicles Isoldi’s business empire, including his club Erotica. Though he denies any criminal activities in building it, he has broken laws while expanding it.

Early Life and Education

Vince Isoldi, an Italian American first generation entrepreneur and mobster from Pittsburgh. While building his nightclub and restaurant empire in Pittsburgh he made friends and enemies alike but prioritized family over all else: his wife Carla, three sons Enzo, Adolfo, Romeo as well as six siblings who depended on him financially for income and housing support.

Isoldi arrived from Italy as a child with his family when he was seven, growing up poor. In order to escape poverty he engaged in various crimes like robberies and scams which eventually caused him to drop out of high school. But fate intervened after film crews shooting scenes for Ving Rhames’ 2012 Mafia movie at his Club Erotica in McKees Rocks led A&E to launch reality series Godfather of Pittsburgh (2013) which brought Isoldi back into the public eye.

Professional Career

Isoldi owns and operates several popular Pittsburgh nightclubs, such as Club Erotica and Bistecca Steakhouse, in addition to numerous real estate investments across the city. He is well known as an aggressive businessman – some have accused him of being part of organized crime; but Isoldi insists he’s just good businessman working hard to provide for his wife and three sons.

Isoldi has managed to remain law-abiding throughout his history and maintains an impressive empire in Pittsburgh. Additionally, A&E reality show Godfather of Pittsburgh chronicling both his professional and personal life premiered this month produced by Renegade 83 in conjunction with Brookline Ice Films and Grainey Pictures for A&E Network.

Achievement and Honors

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A&E recently unveiled their latest unscripted series, Godfather of Pittsburgh, which follows Vince Isoldi and his family through eight episodes produced by Renegade 83, Brookline Ice Films, and Grainey Pictures for A&E Network. For an immersive and engrossing show like this clannish series to work, viewers must suspend disbelief.

Personal Life

This reality show focused on Isoldi’s personal and business life. He oversaw multiple strip clubs and limousine services; his primary contention being with an establishment run by his sister and brother-in-law that competed directly against their establishments. Carla lived with their three sons; Junior Williams gave advice despite serving a prison term due to racketeering activities.

Though Isoldi claimed not to be a gangster, he did admit breaking some laws while building his empire. While the show resembled more of a scripted clannish soap than anything else, it still earned Isoldi much recognition and added significant net worth; furthermore he has invested in real estate properties and restaurants as part of his wealth portfolio.

Net Worth

Vince Isoldi is an esteemed businessman renowned for his success in the restaurant and nightclub industries, real estate investments in Pittsburgh and community involvement in various ways.

He owns several highly regarded restaurants and nightclubs in Pittsburgh, such as Club Erotica. Additionally, he stars in A&E reality series Godfather of Pittsburgh.

The show follows Isoldi as he attempts to balance family life with professional dealings. A first-generation Italian American, Isoldi has built an empire of nightclubs and restaurants in Pittsburgh but getting there means making enemies–sometimes those close to him. While admitting breaking laws occasionally to support his family’s needs, he insists he is not a gangster but simply an entrepreneur with business acumen who relies solely on breaking them for survival.

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