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Szostak, who won a Nobel Prize for studying life’s origins, will be an invaluable asset at SRU. An open, tolerant individual who values family life deeply. He always wants the best for his children and grandchildren.

Early Life and Education

Fussball was his family’s heirloom 1905 farmhouse and he loved his job as an apprentice Schriftsetzer (printer). There in this small Midwestern town, he met Ginny – an intrepid tomboyish nursing student whom he fell deeply in love with – who quickly captured his heart. Together they took many long walks where Guenther helped Ginny understand English spelling, grammar and pronunciation peculiarities.

Behr quickly rose through the ranks from his short stint on Showtime’s Sherman Oaks to land Tyler Baker in Roswell High on WB and went on to appear on many more television programs like Step by Step, The Profiler, 7th Heaven, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and JAG as a cast member or guest star. Additionally, Unsu Lee’s Happily Even After and Lions Gate’s reinvention of werewolf classic The Grudge were among his numerous film appearances.

Professional Career

His research has had a substantial effect on fields as diverse as biology, human health, chemistry and physics. His studies have sought answers to some of the toughest questions while receiving numerous awards in recognition for their efforts.

He has also appeared in several popular television shows and films, such as Happily Even After (2004), Shooting Livien (2005) and Man of God (2008). Additionally, he has written scripts for several popular series.

He currently teaches at the University of Colorado and is affiliated with the National Institutes of Health. Additionally, he has received various scholarships and grants, as well as academic honors and awards. Former SRU Provost Abbey Zink filed a five-count suit against Behre, school administration, and PASSHE.

Personal Life

Behr’s parents moved him and his brother from Richfield, Minnesota, when he was five. At age eight he began appearing in Stomper Truck commercials and modeling for local department stores.

Step by Step, The Profiler, 7th Heaven, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and JAG were among his various guest appearances on television, as were several others such as Roswell High (two seasons on The WB).

He had an array of films under his belt, such as Korean CGI dragon fantasy D-War and Lions Gate’s reinvention of Japanese horror film The Grudge. Additionally, he is blessed with eleven grandchildren; Ayla Mullen, Jessica and Eric Goff, River Jewett, Isaiah Barnard, Isabelle Behr of Charles Behr Jack Behr Kaya Evenstar Taydee Evenstar

Net Worth

His primary career is acting, earning him between $1 to $3 Million dollars through roles such as Kyle Valenti in WB teen drama Roswell and Jack Porter on ABC primetime soap Revenge.

He made several film appearances, such as Mark’s Lackey #2 in Pleasantville and Dennis Buggit in The Shipping News, along with regular roles on television series such as Lie to Me and Chicago P.D. He has received two Saturn Awards and two Teen Choice Awards nominations during his lifetime; born April 30, 1930 in Beggs, Oklahoma United States and died on April 28, 1993 Parker Arizona United States.

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