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Jack Brainard Net Worth

Jack Brainard has spent his entire career working with horses. His talent lies in translating complex training procedures into understandable steps for beginners.

He was one of the original members to assist in founding NRHA and has become an esteemed trainer. With an undying love of horses, he enjoys imparting knowledge.

Early Life and Education

Jack Brainard was an extraordinary Renaissance man: championship roper, horse trainer, breeder, rodeo producer, industry visionary and association organizer – not to mention author and highly esteemed judge!

He was an adept storyteller, always willing to share his experiences. For example, he would often relate how he learned how to ride and train horses on his family’s ranch in South Dakota.

Brainard was an avid student throughout his life, developing an in-depth knowledge of how dressage techniques could be applied to Western riding and vice versa. From this understanding arose his process for teaching horses how to change leads, becoming one of the founding fathers of NRHA in its inaugural years. His enthusiasm for spreading education and positivity made his knowledge infectiously contagious.

Professional Career

Jack Brainard has distinguished himself not only by training his own horses but also judging shows across the United States and helping organize several equine programs and associations – among them being Rochester Minnesota’s Diamond B Ranch as one of his proudest accomplishments.

At the time of its formation, Okie Leo, Mr Joe Glo, and Doc Bar were on his first board of directors; furthermore, he bred and stood foundation Quarter Horse stallions including Okie Leo. A champion of “Cowboy Dressage”, which combined classical dressage techniques with Western riding techniques.

Tim McQuay credits him as being instrumental in teaching him how to ride and train reiners. His philosophy, explained over black coffee at late night lectures, has propelled him to 14 Triple Crown wins.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Brainard has earned international renown as an accomplished trainer, breeder, rodeo producer, industry visionary, association organizer and best-selling author. Additionally, he serves as a master clinician and mentor to many of today’s premier horsemen.

Jack is an esteemed expert in leadership development and has served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources for multiple national and global organizations. Jack brings the same commitment to teamwork and preparation required for survival on high altitude mountains into corporate settings – helping leaders meet both personal and business goals with ease.

6666 Ranch’s 2022 Remuda featured eleven three-year old colts and Wade Black secured himself as an individual competitor at Road to the Horse 2021 by winning Sixes Ridinghood in the Wild Card division and earning him a place in Road to the Horse 2021 as well as winning the Jack Brainard Horsemanship Award, an accolade given annually to riders able to observe, analyze and implement appropriate horsemanship methods according to each colt’s individual personality.

Personal Life

Brainard was one of the founding members of NRHA and widely known as “the master of the flying lead change.” But he wasn’t just a horse trainer: he was also an author, clinician and teacher – providing positive energy and teaching classes on all sorts of disciplines.

He bred and trained horses that have won championships in reining, cutting and roping disciplines. Additionally, he judged for numerous horse associations across both domestic and international borders.

He was a true master of Western riding who understood how dressage principles could be applied to Western riding – helping him become an expert at his craft and even contributing to founding the Cowboy Dressage Association. Today he continues his expertise through training horses, clinics and writing his memoir.

Net Worth

Ben Brainard has seen his net worth skyrocket through successful collaborations and sponsorship opportunities with different brands and merchandise sales on his YouTube channel.

He is an award-winning author and clinician with extensive knowledge in multiple horse disciplines, being an active member of NRHA as well as having judged for various associations both domestically and abroad.

He is a champion roper, horse trainer, breeder and rodeo producer whose horses have won top awards in reining, cutting and roping competitions. Additionally, he owns a ranch near Rapid City involved with Diamond B cattle as well as being invited worldwide as a public speaker on topics including city planning, climate change and redevelopment.

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