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Oliver Twist – Jack Dawkins

Jack Dawkins, more commonly known by his nickname The Artful Dodger in Charles Dickens’ 1838 novel Oliver Twist is the leader of a group of child pickpockets who work for Fagin.

As someone who has worked with young athletes at professional football academies and British rhythmic gymnastics championships, he understands injuries unique to young people.

Early Life and Education

Jack Dawkins is an author who loves telling tales. His articles have appeared in several publications and received multiple awards; additionally he’s part of the National Association of Black Journalists.

Jack begins the story as he awaits transport from prison to America for his long sentence of indentured servitude. Although anxious about what lies ahead, Jack uses his opportunistic nature to take advantage of his situation and turn it to his advantage.

Galting Stone recognizes Galting’s selflessness when helping Oliver when opportunities arise; she attempts to turn Galting into a good person herself, showing that Galting is not quite the scoundrel that Dickens depicted him as. For fans of Dickens’ original character, this book should not be missed!

Professional Career

Jack Dawkins (commonly referred to as the Artful Dodger) has left an indelible mark on world culture since Charles Dickens first immortalised him in Oliver Twist over 170 years ago. His name has even inspired several bands and can often be heard being used to describe someone who shirks responsibility.

Jack Dawkins excels at crafting unforgettable experiences! Be it for a corporate workshop, live music performance or storytelling show; Jack adds life and connection to any event he participates in.

Master of Sports Physiotherapy. He has worked extensively with professional football academies and four UK School Games to treat young athletes at risk from future injury. Specializes in managing groin injuries in order to decrease future risk, paddle boarding, strength training and cycling are his passions.

Achievement and Honors

After surviving a plane crash in South America, Dawkins became involved with an elaborate scheme to import exotic birds illegally into Europe. When this plot was revealed by the Foundation, Dawkins was arrested and sent to Site ##.

Jack Dawkins is an innovative pickpocket who often employs humor to get out of trouble. A master of creating unforgettable experiences through music or live performance, Jack brings more LIFE and connection between bodies and minds through events with his captivating shows; winning numerous awards along the way.

Personal Life

Jack Dawkins (more commonly known as The Artful Dodger) recently was paroled from prison and ordered to work on a farm. Though uneasy with this new arrangement, he decided to accept any work available to him and quickly befriends Galting Stone who is an elderly widower with an interesting past.

Dodger was an expert young pickpocket. Fagin would train him and other orphan boys to steal purses for him, and eventually led them in stealing purses on their own. Over time he eventually became leader of his own gang of child pickpockets without moral qualms.

After serving his sentence for transportation to Australia, life and his acquired skills have honed Jack into a smooth moving companion who easily maneuvers among both affluent society and lowlifes alike. He meets an unusually knowledgeable Bow Street Runner; murderous villains; turnkeys; philanthropists; innkeepers, Owlers and passing strangers-including Lysette Godden-who was his first love.

Net Worth

Jack Dawkins, popularly known as The Artful Dodger, lived on London’s streets. A young pickpocket who earned himself this moniker due to his skill, he attracted the notice of Bill Sikes who wanted him to train under him in pickpocketing techniques; agreeing, the Dodger was then introduced to Fagin who ran a group of child pickpockets.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Pistol, The Queen’s Gambit), David Thewlis (Landscapers, Fargo) and Australia’s Maia Mitchell (Good Trouble, The Fosters) will star as lead roles in an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ 1838 novel that will air on BBC One starting in 2016. Unfortunately it remains unclear what its cost will be; rumors indicate the cast may receive about $3 Million per episode as compensation.

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