Jack Harless

Jack Harless

Jack Harless is an enthusiastic teacher who takes great pleasure in instructing young children and adults alike. Additionally, his passion lies with music education – something he hopes to spread even further as part of his continued professional education journey.

He excelled not only as a kicker, but also played wide receiver and safety on offense and defense respectively, earning all-region honors as a punter and place kicker.

Early Life and Education

Jack Harless was born in Scurry County, Texas, and served his country during both World Wars. As part of his service to his community in Snyder, Texas he joined both the Navy and First Baptist Church where he eventually served on their city council as well.

Harless has an immense passion for music and is driven to share it with as many people as possible. Currently pursuing his BM in Vocal Performance at University of Colorado Boulder, his studies there have taught him the significance of vocal health and pedagogy practices that will set up his students for success in their musical careers. Harless is also passionate about maintaining music education within our schools.

Professional Career

His education had barely ended when he ventured into mercantile business and for eight years operated a store at Branch Land, later moving to Hubball but eventually selling after two years.

Now he owns and operates one of Clothier’s premier drug stores – one of the finest operations in this county – taking great pride in it. Not only has he earned the trust of his professional associates but also all who come into contact with him personally.

He is an active worker for the Methodist Episcopal Church and its organizations, as well as being part of both 1. 0. 0. F and the Redmen fraternities. Furthermore, he holds Republican views in politics and makes for an excellent citizen.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Harless was an accomplished businessperson. He constructed Yesteryear Cottage Homes and Balmoral Assisted Living Facility in Lake Placid, Florida as well as founding Dolphin Cabinetry. An avid outdoorsman himself, Jack enjoyed boating, fishing and golf – especially long vacations spent with his family at their cabin near Cloyne in Ontario.

He was an esteemed father, grandfather and husband as well as being an esteemed law enforcement officer. With Master State Trooper Mike Pershing and DEA agent Mel Schebillion he helped form the first Indiana State Drug Task Force during the 1970s.

He leaves behind his beloved wife of 55 years, Jan; one daughter, Kim Harless (Pat), two sons Dax Norton and Scott Shives as well as grandchildren, stepgrandchildren and one sister as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Personal Life

Jack Harless placed family first. He relished spending time with his wife, daughter, sons, grandchildren and great-grandson as well as bowling, tennis and fishing – not forgetting donating time and effort for various community projects.

He was an active member of Virginia Avenue Church of Christ in Chester, West Virginia as well as volunteering for Oak Glen Band Boosters. He found great joy in marching parades and making people smile.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him, particularly Gayle his devoted and loving wife; daughters Stacy Oosterink (and Bill Oosterink), Jack Reynolds; son-in-law Jerry Julian; as well as many nieces, nephews, extended family and friends who knew and loved him. His love, compassion, sense of humor will continue to live in our memories for evermore.

Net Worth

Katherine Harless’s net worth has been estimated at $7.31 million as of 5 January 2023 based on current and past Toro Co stock trades since 2003; these trades occur on average every 144 days; shares can also be sold every 324 days.

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