Jack Hillier

Jack Hillier

Hillier was an author of numerous books on Japanese art, such as the best-selling “Masters of the Color Print.” A quiet man with vast knowledge, Hillier kept this under his hat without ever flaunting it.

He served in World War I with the Army Veterinary Corps’ 2nd/2nd Mobile Veterinary Section and was honored to be mentioned in despatches. He is interred at Kantara War Memorial Cemetery in Egypt.

Early Life and Education

Hillier was employed at Sotheby’s as a cataloguer of Japanese prints for 25 years, during which time his knowledge helped form some distinguished collections. Additionally, he wrote books on various art movements such as cartoons and caricatures as well as providing the official biography for Sir John Betjeman.

At various points during her life, she held various jobs; these included working at Jupiter Discount Store for 24 years and placing newspaper inserts for Muscatine newspapers. Additionally, she was actively involved with Lutheran Homes and Lutheran Moose Club as well as hunting trips worldwide and collecting oil lamps, antique bells, and hotel drink stirrers from different hotels; collecting was one of her passions as was gardening and playing violin – something which meant much to her family, friends, and masonic lodge gatherings were important parts of life as were hunting trips across continents – something which she enjoyed immensely while collecting oil lamps, antique bells, world wide hotel drink stirrers was another. She enjoyed hunting trips across continents while collecting oil lamps, antique bells from different countries as well as collecting oil lamps a collection.

Professional Career

Jack Hillier is a professional boxer managed by Barry McGuigan. As an amateur star he made an impressive start in his professional career winning three out of his four fights thus far. Outside the ring Jack enjoys fishing, watching the Cubs and NASCAR as well as spending time with his wife Carol and two grandsons.

After joining St Albans City in 1912 and making his Reserve team debut, he eventually made his First Team debut in March 1913. Most of his time was spent playing Spartan League cricket but did manage a Herts Charity Cup runners up medal.

He enlisted in the Army Veterinary Corps in May 1915, serving at St Albans, Bishop’s Stortford and Salisbury before moving via Arras and Marseilles to Salonika before dying of malaria and pneumonia in Egypt in November 1918.

Achievement and Honors

In his debut match against Jules Phillips, he was able to secure victory through a combination of jab, footwork and height advantage. In the final round, he managed to land an amazing strike that stunned Phillips outright.

James Hillier, 16, from Ruislip was presented the Jack Petchey Outstanding Achievement award this year by Panathlon London and Essex. James has hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy which causes athetoid cerebral palsy as well as dystonic spastic cerebral palsy at gross motor function classification level 4.

This scholarship was established by Jack Hillier’s family to recognize his service as Vice-President, Academic at the University of Guelph. It will be given annually to an Indigenous student with the highest cumulative average from the Native University Program.

Personal Life

Jack Hillier lived a peripatetic lifestyle. A scholar of Japanese art, he published several books on it. Furthermore, his faith played an influential role in his works – often reflecting it directly in them.

During WWII, he served in the Army Veterinary Corps at St Stephen’s Hill in St Albans and also became a member of the Herts Advertiser club.

He was an avid collector, collecting oil lamps, antique bells, international hotel drink stirrers and an extensive firearms collection. He loved spending time with family and friends. Additionally, he enjoyed hunting and watching football – especially his favorite team – as well as hunting and watching other sports on TV (especially baseball!). Travel was another passion and was proud member of a Masonic lodge; most importantly he took great joy in watching his children and grandchildren grow.

Net Worth

Hillier is an esteemed art historian and writer on ukiyo-e. He first tackled this subject with his groundbreaking 1968 book Art Deco of the 20s and 30s; since then he has written several others such as Shijo Painting and The Uninhibited Brush that have also become milestone works on this topic.

He also served as Chairman of Memorial University of Newfoundland Board of Governors and on its Executive Council as well as being inducted into both Order of Canada and Canadian Academy of Arts and Sciences.

He was even considered as a possible political leader of Newfoundland and Labrador; however, he has denied this speculation.

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