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Jack Holman Net Worth

Holman served as a Brown Foundation Professor at SMU for 45 years, winning 13 Outstanding Faculty Awards as Head of Civil and Mechanical Engineering Departments and authoring three widely used textbooks.

Harvey founded Harvey’s Creek Wildlife Management Association and assisted in starting numerous other WMA’s across Texas. Additionally, he helped form the Texas Organization of Wildlife Management Associations in order to standardize practices across Texas.

Early Life and Education

Holman was born and educated in Dallas before going on to receive both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Southern Methodist University (SMU). Subsequently he served two years active duty with the US Air Force as a propulsion engineer before returning home in 2004.

At SMU, he served as professor emeritus of mechanical engineering. As an author of three widely used textbooks: Heat Transfer was first published in 1963; Experimental Methods for Engineers was released the same year and Thermodynamics followed four years later in 1969.

Harvey established Harvey’s Creek Wildlife Management Association, which became a model for similar organizations throughout Texas. These WMA’s provide small land owners a way to share acreage together in order to coordinate harvesting efforts and allow young bucks to develop naturally. He has vast ranch real estate experience as well as being an avid outdoorsman and hunter throughout his life.

Professional Career

Holman was a widely revered professor of mechanical engineering and the author of three widely used textbooks. He won multiple teaching awards during his 50+ year tenure at SMU as the department head.

He currently sits on the boards of several companies and serves on Syracuse University Multicultural Advancement’s (SUMA) Advisory Council, having pledged a naming gift for 119 Euclid Ave, an inclusive space at Syracuse University for students of color.

He’s an enthusiastic sports fan who enjoys tennis, cricket and gin with friends. Additionally, he and his brother Roger wrote many pop songs together such as Barbara Windsor’s hit “Grin And Bare It” as well as the UK teen magazine Look In theme song.

Achievement and Honors

Holman was honored with the Ralph Coats Roe Award from the American Society for Engineering Education in 1993, among other professional accolades. As an author, his textbooks Heat Transfer (first published 1963); Experimental Methods for Engineers (1966); and Thermodynamics (1969) have all become widely used texts in engineering education courses worldwide.

Over his 38-year military and federal service, Holman has held numerous roles with the U.S. Army – from leadership and staff positions in operations, maintenance, training, contingency planning to contingency planning – receiving various medals such as Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal and Achievement Medal for Civilian Service.

Holman and Dakota Holman have pledged an extraordinary gift to revitalize 119 Euclid Ave and support SUMA’s diversity initiatives on campus.

Personal Life

Holman was an avid reader and fan of UK basketball, NASCAR racing and fishing – as well as Laura Ingalls Wilder. Married to Lynn Blankenship Holman with three children to his name. One grandson also came into their lives during this lifetime he spent as part of Fellowship Bible Church Dallas.

He was the author of three popular textbooks: Heat Transfer was first published in 1963; Experimental Methods for Engineers followed in 1966; and Thermodynamics came out later that same year. Ralph Coats Roe awarded him with their award for helping improve public understanding and appreciation for engineering’s worth.

He was also one of the founding fathers of Harvey’s Creek Wildlife Management Association and helped form the Texas Organization of WMA’s, which promotes pooling acreage with neighbors for optimal deer harvests.

Net Worth

Being successful in his career has earned him an impressive net worth. Currently he plays for Chaos LC team in Premier Lacrosse League.

He is generally very discreet about his personal life, rarely speaking out about it or discussing it publicly. However, he does have four children and a partner whom he considers his most treasured possessions. Additionally, he is always doing his best to please them with generous gifts that keep his loved ones satisfied.

He is also an excellent writer, having contributed his talent to the Wall Street Journal editorial member board since 1992. Since that time he has written twice every week for their “Business World” column which appears Saturday and Wednesday respectively; National Review, Policy Reviews as well as being part of an advisory panel of both publications have all received his contributions as contributors as well. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States of America), he is a US citizen by birth.

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