Jack Lockwood

Jack Lockwood – A Lifelong Supporter of Bognor Regis Town

Jack Lockwood has long been an enthusiastic supporter of Bognor Regis Town FC and can often be seen wandering through the crowd after matches at Nyewood Lane. For his efforts he received a distinguished award.

He is best-known for his iconic performance as money launderer Matija Jankovic on Happy Valley, which ended dramatically on an enormous cliffhanger.

Early Life and Education

Lockwood was born in Bonaparte, Iowa at a time when the Mississippi River was an essential commercial shipping artery. After attending local school and working his first sawmill job at age five, he later assisted his uncle driving steers on long hauls from Texas to Kansas for their uncle, George Custer and his men were met on occasion; Lockwood recalls admiring their flowing gold hair.

Jack was an incredible father and grandfather, always eager to see his children and grandchildren succeed in sports competitions. His words of advice, guidance and support helped guide their path along their respective journeys. He will be sorely missed by his wife, daughter-in-law, grandchildren as well as great nieces and nephews.

Professional Career

He was a dedicated family man who took great pride in his work and kept active through sports. He enjoyed cheering for any team sport with friendly competition, always offering words of advice for others to improve in their endeavors.

Kipps steps in at just the right moment to save Lucy from becoming ghost-touched during their fight, prompting Lockwood to challenge him to an Agency versus Agency challenge wherein the loser must place an advertisement admitting their superiority if they lose. Kipps agrees with this challenge and lockswood challenges him further: the loser must put out an advertisement acknowledging their superiority; Kipps accepts.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Lockwood has distinguished himself on one of the nation’s premier high school lacrosse programs – Brother Rice High School in California – by leading them to two state titles, in 2017 and 2019. Additionally, he holds District Championship titles for wrestling.

He is an enthusiastic supporter of Bognor Regis Town and attends many matches at Nyewood Lane alongside his father Andi. Recently he received an acclaimed award from Bognor Regis Town Council for all his hard work on behalf of the club.

At Addison Trail Theatre Company, he is an outstanding member. Playing various roles, he has helped raise the standards of productions while inspiring and motivating his peers. Furthermore, he earned all As in school – an impressive feat for any student.

Personal Life

Jack Lockwood cherished his family, the Catholic faith and his country deeply. He was an active member of St. Francis Xavier Church and School in San Jose as well as Bellermine-Jefferson High School; additionally he worked at AC Nielsen Company for 30 years – truly an inspiring man that will be greatly missed by so many.

At Happy Valley, he made himself famous playing money launderer Matija Jankovic alongside Alec Secareanu as crime boss Darius and helping Tommy Lee Royce escape police custody during season 4.

Bea Lockwood was left behind to mourn her husband; five sons, Richard (and Diane), Dana, Dirk and Kurt; as well as two grandsons; Trevor and Bryce Mackey.

Net Worth

Jack Lockwood works as an investment consultant at SageView Advisory Group in Boston, MA and specializes in retirement plan analysis to support fiduciary decisions on behalf of plan participants. Additionally, he plans and executes education campaigns on their clients’ behalf.

He reportedly has an estimated net worth of $3 M and has amassed his fortune through acting career earnings, endorsements and sponsorships. A talented actor with great potential, his future looks bright!

His legacy will live on through his wife, two sons and daughter-in-law, one brother and sister-in-law as well as numerous extended family members. He was an exceptionally hard worker who found fulfillment in life through basketball, tennis, racquetball and sailing – not just professionally but recreationally too.

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