Jack Mulgrew

Jack Mulgrew

Mulgrew has featured as a pianist on numerous recordings and performed alongside jazz pianists Harold Mabern, James Williams and Geoff Keezer as well as tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano.

As well as his theatre appearances, he has appeared in various TV series and theatre productions, most notably Ryan’s Hope on ABC soap opera and multiple Star Trek episodes.

Early Life and Education

Mulgrew excelled as a student, taking music classes with noted pianists James Williams and Donald Brown as well as jazz studies with Margaret Chaloff – mother of baritone saxophonist Serge Chaloff.

He commands our attention; six feet tall and size 48, his presence commands ours. With an imposing frame and voice that booms with intensity, his presence stands out as uncharacteristic for someone leading one of the nation’s largest teachers’ unions.

He has played numerous characters, such as ambitious country singer Garnet McGee in Ryan’s Hope and Kate Columbo from Mrs. Columbo spin-off series, respectively. Additionally, he appeared in two telefilms A Civil War Tale and The Crucible and on stage, in addition to voiceover work as Captain Kathryn Janeway for various Star Trek video games and media.

Professional Career

Mulgrew serves as president of the United Federation of Teachers in New York City, an organized labor union representing government schoolteachers. She advocates strongly for teacher pay increases while being critical of education reform initiatives.

He has long been an outspoken supporter of women’s rights, appearing at political rallies around the world to highlight these causes and being known as an effective communicator.

He is also an accomplished voice actor, having provided voices for numerous video games and television shows such as Star Trek. Beyond Star Trek, his credits also include Titania from Gargoyles series as well as animated show The Middleman where he was nominated for an Emmy Award nomination; additionally he recorded for Broadway stage performances.

Achievement and Honors

Mulgrew has appeared on a range of television programs, such as the short-lived NBC show Man of the People and ABC sitcom The Black Donnellys. She also made guest appearances in Mercy (NBC medical drama) and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC crime drama).

She has not only performed as an actor but has also provided voice work. In Elite Force she voiced Admiral Kathryn Janeway and in Dragon Age: Origins she voiced shape-shifting witch Flemeth – two roles for which she won numerous awards.

She also voiced Queen Titania and Anastasia Renard on the animated series Gargoyles, joining many of her Star Trek co-stars such as LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn and Nichelle Nichols – appearing both regularly as well as guesting occasionally!

Personal Life

As president of the New York City teachers union, Mulgrew cuts an imposing figure. At six feet tall and 230 pounds, he wears size 48 clothing; his voice has been honed over years of theatre training that led him to become president.

In 2022, Mulgrew was arrested on felony charges of possessing child pornography after Montgomery County detectives received a cyber tip and traced files uploaded to Kik from Mulgrew’s account. Their investigation discovered images depicting boys and girls under 18 engaging in sexual acts or simulation of such actions as described by an arrest affidavit.

Mulgrew’s acting career encompasses numerous roles on different television series such as Dallas and Mrs. Columbo as well as several episodes of Law and Order. She played Mary Ryan for two years on ABC soap opera Ryan’s Hope before going on to appear in Dallas and Mrs. Columbo as well as numerous appearances in Law and Order episodes.

Net Worth

Mulgrew’s acting career is well established. For two years she starred on ABC soap Ryan’s Hope; later that decade, in 1979-80 she made her mark in Mrs. Columbo – a 13 episode spinoff series of Columbo from TV detective series that ran until 1992; additionally she guest-starred as Janet Eldridge on several episodes of Cheers; in 1996 she gained popularity among Star Trek fans when she became Captain Kathryn Janeway in Voyager series.

Recently, Mulgrew visited the Voyager statue in Bloomington, Indiana to pay her respects and remember her character from Star Trek: Prodigy (scheduled for 2021 release). When not working or filming Star Trek: Prodigy, Mulgrew lives with her husband Tim Hagan and two daughters in Iowa where she enjoys gardening and cooking in her free time.

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