Jack Salisbury

Jack Salisbury

Jack Salisbury has become masterful at waiting. In 2015, he stood patiently by and allowed Drew Hunter – then the fastest high school distance runner – to catch him in the final laps of an endurance event.

La Salle has won state indoor and outdoor championships thanks to Rams harrier Mike Lemke – now on a journey toward Olympic qualification.

Early Life and Education

Jack served as co-captain of his men’s basketball team during his senior year of high school. An outstanding athlete and honor student, Jack also participated on rep/travel teams throughout Canada while shining brightest on LaSalle Academy’s varsity track and field team.

He later went on to earn a Bachelor of Geologic Remote Sensing at Syracuse University and graduated near the top of his class. Following graduation he worked for both DOE and Johns Hopkins University where he taught geologic remote sensing courses.

Jack was an outstanding citizen and community leader. Known for his kind and compassionate personality as well as sharp intellect, Jack will be greatly missed by many.

Professional Career

Jack has over three decades of experience as a manufacturer’s rep in the premium incentive industry and has won multiple Rep of the Year awards. His keen understanding of audience appeal and creative ingenuity help ensure promotional product campaigns that maximize brand impact.

At its Aug. 26 meeting, the Salisbury Chapter of NC Society Sons of the American Revolution honored two public servants. Battalion Chief Reid Overcash from Rowan EMS received an Emergency Medical Services Commendation Medal.

Salisbury is an accomplished Grand Slam doubles champion, having claimed victory at both the 2020 Australian Open and 2021 US Open alongside Rajeev Ram. Additionally, he reached mixed doubles finals at both the 2020 French Open and 2021 Wimbledon Championships with Harriet Dart – ultimately becoming only the second British man since Andy Murray to reach number one on men’s ATP doubles rankings since Murray did in 2000.

Achievement and Honors

In 1874, he made a comeback to government under Benjamin Disraeli as Secretary of State for India. He played an instrumental role in helping Britain achieve “peace with honour” at Constantinople as Secretary of State. Additionally, he served as Ambassador Plenipotentiary to Spain and Russia.

SU is an NCAA Division III institution and competes in both the Coast-to-Coast Athletic Conference for football, men’s and women’s swimming and lacrosse and New Jersey Athletic Conference for basketball and tennis – boasting 23 team national championships, 44 Academic All-Americans and 196 total conference titles since their establishment.

Jack was an icon in his community for almost 50 years – making him one of the longest serving milkmen ever! As such, in 1967 his customers at Norah’s Shop presented him with a PS15 cheque in recognition of his service. It was an extraordinary gesture, considering how long Jack had served this area!

Personal Life

Jack Salisbury is an active family man, living in Tully, NY with his wife and two sons. In his free time he enjoys fishing and farming – two hobbies which tie in perfectly with The Land Group (TLG) where he serves as Land Advisor advising them on state and federal soil conservation programs while supporting restoration projects that help wildlife and water quality.

Jack Salisbury of LaSalle Academy is this week’s Hometown Sports Hero. As a junior running the boys mile event at LaSalle Academy, Salisbury is poised to make history this season – his coach credits him as having both the willpower and determination needed for such feat. In fact, his determination helped lead his Rams team to an overall state title win, while later winning New England Championship and qualifying for nationals competition.

Net Worth

Jack Salisbury is an English professional tennis player with an estimated net worth of $5 Million. A double specialist, he has reached several Grand Slam semifinals. Furthermore, his sponsorship and endorsement deals have yielded significant returns.

He and Rajeev Ram are currently the No. 2-ranked doubles team in the world, winning four ATP tour titles and making it all the way to Wimbledon championship final in 2020.

At the 3/21 luncheon meeting, Club President Bill Spalding invited District Governor Randy Chapell to talk about The Rotary Foundation – an org that transforms contributions into projects that benefit lives both locally and internationally – followed by an overview of Salisbury Rotary Club’s own Foundation that solicits donations for scholarships or “good works” projects within NW Corner communities serviced by it.

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