Jack Shifman

Jack Shifman, 53, Was Found Dead in His Columbus, Ohio Apartment on Thursday Night

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Early Life and Education

One of the great ironies of contemporary art is that many pieces made with familiar materials can be difficult to comprehend. From Jasper John’s meticulous encaustic flags and targets to William Cordova or Jack Shifman’s casual assemblages, these works often do not reveal their significance or why they exist.

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Professional Career

Jack Shifman is a professional golfer who has won 105 tournaments on the PGA Tour, including 18 major championship titles. Additionally, he was honored five times as PGA Player of the Year and captained six Ryder Cup teams and two Presidents Cup squads.

He has played with some of the finest golfers worldwide and was at one time or another ranked number one in the United States. Throughout his career, he won four PGA Championships and two U.S. Open titles – an impressive feat.

CocoFinder people search website reports that he resides in Ohio. You can use this tool to check his phone number and address, as well as discover whether he has any children or relatives.

Personal Life

Jack Shifman had relationships with these individuals: On Thursday evening in Columbus, Ohio a 53-year-old named Jack Shifman was found dead in his apartment on West Cooke Road near Clintonville after reports he may have overdosed. CocoFinder offers public records to search current and past home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses as well as known relatives or friends for Jack. You can use any first and last name combination as well as filters such as age or state for more specific results.

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