Jack Shukri

Cancer Survivor – Jack Shukri

Jack Shukri was previously registered as a financial professional and passed both Series 63 and 6 exams before beginning to work as a broker in 1990.

Buthaina and Fiona Shukri-Sundberg were his daughters; grandfather to Derek, Sam and Alex Sundberg. Raised in Framingham MA he pioneered field hockey and lacrosse at Union.

Early Life and Education

Jack had long been an active member of Talent Managers For Actors on facebook and offered online acting workshops at reasonable rates while shooting actor headshots at reasonable rates. Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, his business had moved more towards virtual models than physical ones.

Shukri was only 10 when her family left Somalia to settle in Bury in Greater Manchester. She took great delight in watching recipe tutorial videos online and proved an outstanding student who quickly adjusted to her new life.

Shukri had been invited by two students from Broad Oak Sports College for a riverside outing on her last day alive, though initially hesitant, to accompany them on this outing. Although initially reluctant, she eventually agreed.

Professional Career

Previous to joining CNN, he worked as a freelance journalist and was the lead investigator on an extensive corruption case against former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak that was ultimately shut down by government bureaucracy before going before any courts.

He serves as lead investigator on 1MDB, the state fund stolen by Malaysia’s President Najib Razak and where billions have gone missing from. He has tracked every piece of money that went missing from this state-owned firm.

“Since COVID, live shows have changed greatly and I think it’s wonderful that people are putting on better performances to make up for lost time,” Jack notes. “This bodes well for the music industry as a whole.”

Achievement and Honors

He competed on all four years of high school varsity swim teams and earned CIF champion titles in 2009 in two events: 200 fly and 100 free. Additionally, he participated in 400 IM and championship relay teams.

Shukri was honored to become an inductee into both Union field hockey and lacrosse halls of fame as well as two-time ECAC medalist in both sports. As captain for numerous seasons and integral in helping both programs grow.

PATRICIA SWEETOW GALLERY is delighted to present Bay Area artist Zina Al-Shukri in her first exhibition – The Long Brevity, drawings on paper – running February 21 through March 24, 2012.

Personal Life

Jack has received tremendous love and support from friends, colleagues and church. Unfortunately, his cancer journey has been very difficult for his family and we’re overwhelmed with bills and expenses associated with it – that is why we set up this page so those wishing to donate may do so here.

Zina Al-Shukri was born in Baghdad, Iraq and moved to the United States at age five. For her debut exhibition at PSG she will present gouache and charcoal portrait dyptychs she created while teaching this past summer in Diyarbakir, Turkey. These portraits depict young female Turkish students aged 15-19 wearing hijabs while others don’t – juxtaposing secular with traditional identities while creating bicultural dichotomies that play out visually within each painting.

Net Worth

Jack had been working in an IT firm for approximately one year when he decided to try his luck in internet business as an opportunity for making large sums of money online. After creating Alibaba as an e-commerce website and seeing rapid success online, his firm became a strong competitor against other e-commerce sites such as ‘e-bay’ quickly making huge profits quickly.

His website was even ranked number one by various online portals and he owns numerous properties worth billions, which have also been listed by various portals as being in the world’s top 10. Additionally, he was born 13 June 1988 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with an estimated net worth of US$29 Billion he is currently dating a Chinese actress named Nancy Shukri.

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