Jack Sioukas

Jack Sioukas, Dentist

Jack Sioukas is a general dentist located in Sacramento, CA. As primary oral care providers, general dentists can treat patients of all ages. When necessary they may perform more specialized dental procedures and collaborate with specialists when required. His practice is listed on Dentist Network and holds an active medical license in California.

Early Life and Education

Jack Sioukas, DDS is located in Sacramento, California and provides patients in his service area with expert general dentistry services. As such, he has experience diagnosing and treating all areas of the mouth while working alongside specialized dentists to help his patients reach their desired results.

Dean Sioukas is an award-winning real estate developer, tech enthusiast, and car enthusiast. A graduate of Jesuit High School and UC Berkeley with a BA in economics and classical civilizations respectively. Subsequently he worked at McDonough Holland & Allen LLP where he sharpened his legal abilities before dedicating himself fully to real estate development.

Personal Life

Dean Sioukas is an entrepreneur, real estate developer, tech enthusiast, car enthusiast and family man from Sacramento, CA. After attending Jesuit High School (where he graduated first in his class) and UC Berkeley to study Economics and Classical Civilizations respectively – after graduation Dean began his legal career at McDonough Holland Allen as a transactional attorney honed business skills from a legal perspective – since then Dean has built thousands of single family homes and millions of square feet of industrial space as well as being active members in his local church and community as well as being married to Chrisa (also from Sacramento CA). Together Chrisa and Dean share two children; Kyriakos (born on graduation) and Lilliana.

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