Jack Webster

Jack Webster

Jack Webster hails from Lakewood, Washington and currently plays with the Dallas Jackals after having previously represented NOLA Gold in 2021.

Professor Oganov is an accomplished researcher with expertise in ecosystem-level processes of streams. His distinctive style of teaching has earned him numerous accolades, such as Virginia Tech’s 2012 William E. Wine Award for excellence in classroom instruction.

Early Life and Education

Jack Webster was the son of a Clydeside ironmonger and left home at 14 to enter journalism. Over time he would develop the hard-hitting style that earned him international renown.

He began his career at the Turriff Advertiser before transitioning to the Press and Journal for 10 years. His soft Buchan accent and natural courtesy opened doors that might otherwise remain closed – including interviews with Charlie Chaplin and Muhammad Ali as well as helping end prison riots of 1963 through charm and patience.

He is survived by his wife Muriel, daughter Helen and son Geoff. He was a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Clayfield Ontario as well as having previously belonged to Bracebridge Pineer Club as an active sportsman.

Professional Career

Webster has published over one hundred peer-reviewed papers throughout his distinguished career and served on state and national technical advisory boards and committees.

He once earned both Bank of Scotland Columnist of the Year and UK Speaker of the Year awards, but still found time to ghost newspaper columns about famous individuals such as Charlie Chaplin, Bing Crosby, Muhammad Ali and composers of Broadway musicals. Eden survived him along with three sons all working in journalism.

In 1958 he became one of the original newscasters at STV, staying until its acquisition by CBC in 1967. While still doing his talk radio show at CJOR until moving onto Vancouver TV station BCTV in 1978.

Achievement and Honors

Webster was honored with multiple awards during his three-decade-plus career, such as three CanPro awards and an ACTRA honor. In 1963, Webster made headlines due to his role in mediating hostage-taking prison riots.

His unique way of telling a tale won him both Bank of Scotland Columnist of the Year and UK Speaker of the Year awards despite having difficulty speaking clearly. His soft Buchan voice and welcoming manner opened doors for numerous celebrities such as Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Paul Getty to interview him.

Erin Haluschak from Comox Valley Record was honored to receive the Jack Webster Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Reporting for her piece about Danita Bilozaze’s efforts to reclaim her family name after being forced by residential school system to change it. These Webster Awards represent British Columbia journalism’s highest honour.

Personal Life

Jack Webster was born in Glasgow and began his journalism career. Taking junior reporter jobs with multiple newspapers at once, he honed both his craft and Scottish accent while honing them both simultaneously. Once World War II broke out he joined the British Army as an officer rising quickly through its ranks to Major.

After World War II he immigrated to Canada and covered the labour beat for Vancouver Sun newspaper before turning his focus towards commercial radio’s emerging talk format that originated here but quickly spread around North America. He made a name for himself broadcasting shorthand transcripts of testimony during an eye-opening investigation of Vancouver police force corruption; City Mike show on CJOR attained fame covering this subject matter.

Geoffrey, Keith and Martin are also journalists. Unfortunately Eden passed away in 1990.

Net Worth

Jack Webster was the son of an ironturner from Clydeside. As a journalist in Glasgow and on Fleet Street, his aggressive style quickly established itself. Following World War II service for Britain he later immigrated to Canada, where he established himself as an expert broadcaster/talk show host, winning three CanPro awards as well as being awarded with Canada’s highest honour: The Order of Canada.

Kyran Bowes stars as Jack on ITV soap opera Coronation Street. After his mother’s passing away, Tyrone Dobbs transferred care of Jack to Kevin Webster.

He is a shareholder of Heritage Commerce Corp and has not engaged in any insider transactions during the last 18 months. Additionally, he established the Jack Webster Grigsby Foundation which provides unrestricted grants to law clinics and library endowments.

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