Jacques Pepin Potato Gratin

Jacques Pepin Potato Gratin

Jacques Pepin potato gratin is one of the most well-known and delicious recipes in America. It’s easy to prepare, and it makes a great meal for families and guests.


Jacques Pepin has been a culinary celebrity and has published 25 cookbooks. He has also created a number of PBS cooking shows. His potato gratin recipe is a simple dish that works well as a dinner dish or a side dish.

Potato gratin is a dish that is made with warm spices and ingredients that complement other dishes. It can be served with stew or stewed vegetables, or it can be served as a main course. Jacques Pepin uses a few different ingredients to make his potato gratin.

The first step in the recipe is to wash the potatoes and cut them into thin slices. This should be done using a mandoline, which ensures that the potatoes are sliced evenly. The potatoes should be sliced with 1/4-inch thickness.

Once the potatoes have been sliced, you can add them to a large saucepan. Add the milk and salt and stir to combine. Then add the potato slices to the milk and mixture. If you prefer, you can add garlic and pepper.


Jacques Pepin potato gratin is a great example of a recipe that can be easily made on the stove or by using a food processor. It is also a recipe that can be eaten the day after it is made. This dish goes well with a salad of frisee or escarole.

The main ingredients in a gratin are milk, cream, and sliced potatoes. The recipe is best served with a side of crostini.

A mandoline is the best way to slice the potatoes. This device will ensure even cooking and prevent overcooking. It can also help to make the dish in advance.

The best way to make the gratin is to use a large saucepan. Add the milk, cream, and sliced potatoes and stir to combine. If possible, make sure to cook the potatoes on medium-high heat. This will allow the potatoes to cook all the way through.

The gratin is best served immediately, but you can make it in advance and store it in the refrigerator. This dish also goes well with a salad of frisee, escarole, or mustardy garlic dressing.

Jacques Pepin’s recipe

Jacques Pepin’s potato gratin recipe is a fun way to use your oven. This is not only a delicious meal, but it is also simple to make. You only need a few ingredients, and can serve up to eight people. This is a great accompaniment to a stew or other dish. It’s also a good way to use up leftovers from your dinner, as it only takes about an hour to make.

The best way to make this dish is to use a mandoline, as it will guarantee evenly sliced potatoes. The gratin dish should be a three quart flameproof gratin dish. You should also place it six inches from the heat source. This will ensure that your gratin is cooked all the way through.

While you’re at it, make sure that you don’t miss the most important component of the gratin, which is cheese. You could use a variety of cheeses, including American Gruyere or gouda. However, I’d recommend a more traditional gruyere or gouda.

Jacques Pepin’s potato gratin history

Jacques Pepin is a well-known French chef who is considered a culinary legend. He is 76 years old and has worked for many high-end restaurants. He has also written many cookbooks and is known for his PBS cooking shows. His book Essential Pepin was published by Houghton Miffland.

There are a number of recipes for potato gratin available from Jacques Pepin. He recommends using a mandoline to ensure that all of the potatoes are cut evenly. He also recommends not rinsing the potatoes. He says that this will make the potato lose starch, which will help create a smooth, creamy dish.

He recommends gratin Dauphinois, which is a classic French dish. It is prepared with milk, cream, sliced potatoes and cheese. A traditional cheese used in this dish is Gruyere or Comte. You can also use American Gruyere, gouda or other cheeses. You can also use ramekins. Place the sliced potatoes in the ramekins and serve them with butter. You can also serve them with bread around them.

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