Jaime And Patty Dateline

Jaime and Patty Ramos – A Complicated Story

Jaime and Patty were both accused of murder. Their story was a complicated one. It included multiple betrayals and attempted murder. In the end, Jaime and Patty each pleaded guilty to first degree murder and conspiracy.

Jaime Ramos was the 21-year-old lover of Patty Presba, a 56-year-old counselor. The pair dated for a couple of years. During that time, they were both in love. They supposedly had an affair. Later, they were mentors at the California Conservation Corps. However, the relationship ended. Both parties feared for their lives. This led to their split.

Jaime had a childhood of abuse and his mother committed suicide when he was two. He grew up in a home that was run by his uncle. Although he had affection from older adults, he was sexually abused by his uncle for a decade. When he was a teenager, he met a woman named Patty. She had been an employee with the California Conservation Corps. After the teacher left, Jaime started stalking her.

Patty initially denied having an affair with Ramos. But later, she agreed to testify against him in court. At the same time, she also claimed she was a victim of spousal abuse. According to investigators, Patty was manipulating him. A coworker of hers told authorities that Patty was having an affair.

The couple had tried to hide the death of Ron Presba by staging a car accident. Investigators believed the crash was intentional. While investigating the accident, they found blood on the road near the scene. Some of the blood was even found in the burning vehicle. If Ron had passed in the crash, his life insurance policy would have doubled.

Ron Presba was a committed husband and father. He was also a member of the Garden Valley community. His family had a life insurance policy worth $150,000. But, after his wife and daughter were killed, Ron’s death fueled a panic in the community.

When police learned of the disappearance of Patty, they thought her alibi was strong. That is, until they reviewed CCTV footage. On the security video, Jaime and Patty were holding hands without restraint. There was also evidence of a disturbance.

When the police investigated the incident, they discovered several discrepancies in Patty’s story. The investigation revealed that she was manipulating her husband to kill him. Besides, she had a suspicious blood spatter in her house. Additionally, the home showed three bullet wounds.

However, the police did find out that the relationship between the couple had ended days before the homicide. Before the police could confront Patty, she had fled the scene. The detectives then learned that Jaime had been stalking her. So they tracked him down.

The investigators were also able to trace blood stains in the Presba’s home. These stains were also seen on a plastic bag in a ravine. Investigators also found a blood trail in the burning vehicle. Ultimately, they suspected Jaime of committing the crime.

As a result, Patty was sentenced to 42 years in prison. In October 2025, she will be eligible for parole.

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