James Harden Drinking Smoothie

James Harden Drinking a Smoothie

A smoothie may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the best way to eat for health and longevity. But the benefits of a good smoothie cannot be denied. Not only does it keep you full and energized, but it also provides your body with a dose of Vitamin C, the lynchpin of good health.

James Harden has been known to eat some healthy foods, including a variety of fruit and vegetables. His diet is a combination of lean protein and pasta. For a pregame meal, he likes to stick with a protein source, such as grilled chicken. For dinner, he likes a combination of halibut and seabass. For lunch, he has a mixture of turkey meatballs and chicken kaiser salads.

There are a number of other food-related activities that make Harden happy, but his smoothie is by far his favorite. The rumored elixir of life has never been proven, but it is believed that a good smoothie can be an essential ingredient in the battle to beat the odds. Aside from his signature smoothie, Harden also likes to keep a few other healthy goodies in his fridge, such as a selection of kebabs, a variety of cheeses, and a few bottled beverages. He also makes use of a nifty little gadget called the Vitamix 1500, which provides him with a plethora of recipes. He has had his share of hiccups, and he knows that a little help is the key to a good day.

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