Jan-Michael Vincent Net Worth

Jan-Michael Vincent was an American actor best known for his starring role on the television series Airwolf. A veteran of the United States Army National Guard, Vincent was discovered while serving and recognized by talent scouts during this time.

Though successful professionally, actor was beset with alcoholism and drug abuse that resulted in numerous legal troubles which in turn decimated his net worth leaving him with very little wealth.

Early Life and Education

Jan-Michael Vincent was born July 15, 1945 in Denver, Colorado to Lloyd Whiteley Vincent and Doris Jane Pace. His father served as a bomber pilot during World War II before transitioning into sign painting – later founding their family’s billboard company in Hanford, California.

Vincent began his acting career in the late 1960s with a role in The Undefeated film and later on several television series including Marcus Welby M.D., The Survivors, and Hooper.

Vincent faced numerous personal struggles throughout his professional career, such as legal matters and alcoholism issues that ultimately caused a decline in both his career and net worth. Vincent married three times; two marriages ended in divorce: with Bonnie Poorman first followed by Joanne Robinson before ending again in this manner.

Professional Career

Jan-Michael Vincent had an illustrious five decade long acting career that earned him substantial wealth despite never attaining widespread fame or garnering major accolades. Although never receiving massive acclaim or winning major accolades for his acting, Vincent earned substantial sums through acting.

He first rose to fame through low-budget action movies like Buster and Billie before going on to star in series such as Journey to Shiloh, Danger Island, and Hanna-Barbera TV show The Banana Splits Adventure Hour. Additionally he appeared on multiple crime dramas such as The Survivors and Police Story.

In 1984, he played Stringfellow Hawke on the critically acclaimed television series Airwolf as one of its protagonists – an expert helicopter pilot who embarked on daring missions – earning widespread admiration and becoming one of television’s highest-paid actors.

Achievement and Honors

He is an esteemed actor, most notable for his portrayal of Stringfellow Hawke in the hit television series Airwolf and featured films like Big Wednesday.

He won admirers from around the globe due to his powerful on-screen presence and undeniable charm, even without receiving major awards during his peak career in Hollywood.

Vincent has been married twice and had one child during both marriages. In 1968 he wed Bonnie Portman and they had Amber Springbird Vincent before divorcing three years later in 1977. Subsequently he wed Joanne Robinson but they parted ways two years later before finally marrying Patricia Ann Christ in 2000.

Personal Life

Vincent was an award-winning actor, yet his personal life was marred by domestic and substance abuse as well as legal problems and health concerns. Additionally, he was an avid smoker with numerous health problems.

At 73, he passed away from cardiac arrest on February 10, 2019. He is survived by his third wife Patricia Ann Christ and daughter Amber Vincent.

American actor Lloyd Vincent was born in Denver, Colorado to Doris Jane and Lloyd Vincent and quickly garnered notice by talent agents due to his All-American features. Scouted by talent agents for his All-American looks and quickly becoming popular for playing Stringfellow Hawke in Airwolf television series; during its peak he earned $200,000 per episode as payment.

Net Worth

Jan Michael Vincent initially enjoyed great success but fell victim to alcoholism and drugs, leading to repeated run-ins with the law which severely diminished his wealth and stunted his acting career.

He eventually found success on television through his portrayal of helicopter pilot Stringfellow Hawke in Airwolf, garnering worldwide fame and an avid following. Additionally, he was an aviation enthusiast himself; even earning his pilot’s license.

Vincent had an unpredictable personal life. His first wife was Bonnie Portman with whom he had one daughter Amber Springbird Vincent; later he would marry Joanne Robinson and Patricia Ann Vincent before succumbing to drug use – including intravenous use – he also had a longstanding history of drug abuse including intravenous use.

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