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Jeff Nippard Height, Weight, and Age

Jeff Nippard is a natural bodybuilder and powerlifter who champions drug-free training. He earned a bachelor of science degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland, while also becoming one of the most influential social media fitness influencers and YouTubers on social media.

He is widely-renowned for offering science-backed, natural bodybuilding advice and tips, such as his popular Leg, Push, Pull Training Program.

Early Life and Education

His parents were both fitness enthusiasts, so when he was introduced to bodybuilding as a kid he started attending gym with his mother and reading fitness magazines at home. By 16 he began training and competing in bodybuilding tournaments.

His degree is from Memorial University of Newfoundland in biochemistry, which allows him to utilize this expertise in order to balance his diet and live a healthy lifestyle.

He is a natural bodybuilder who does not use steroids and boasts an incredible physique. He follows an intensive training regime consisting of leg, push-pull-squat workouts that helps him achieve this great look. Furthermore, his fitness vlogs on YouTube have amassed over 2.6 million subscribers – which speaks for itself!

Professional Career

Nippard has become an industry icon due to his passion for bodybuilding. As such, he provides scientifically backed training and nutrition information while motivating clients towards reaching their fitness goals.

He began bodybuilding at a very early age and was already competing by 19. Along with competing, he also hosts various video content on YouTube.

He’s an avid vlogger with numerous videos uploaded to his channel that document his daily life. Currently he is dating Stephanie Buttermore, a cancer researcher and fitness model; they’ve been together since 2017.

Achievement and Honors

As a natural bodybuilder and fitness influencer, Jeff has shared his scientific knowledge with clients worldwide. His program helps clients build muscle while losing fat and increasing strength; furthermore he holds an unofficial Canadian national bench press record!

Jeff is well-known for the informative and engaging videos posted to his YouTube channel, boasting over 2.6 million subscribers to date.

Nippard’s success can be attributed to hard work and perseverance. He shares his expertise with others regardless of their stature; his story shows that even in the highly competitive world of powerlifting, anyone can reach their peak; in his words “the only limit lies within your own mind”. Truly an inspiration.

Personal Life

Jeff Nippard is an acclaimed bodybuilder and fitness trainer who uses YouTube to share workout videos as well as health-related blogs that focus on using scientific research for optimal results. Nippard boasts an immense following across both YouTube and social media platforms.

Born October 6, 1990 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada to Denise Henstridge a bodybuilder and fitness trainer and her father Robert operating a business in the region, Bradley Henstridge had one brother named Bradley.

He is in a relationship with Stephanie Buttermore, another bodybuilder and YouTuber. Together they post photos from their workout sessions on social media. Furthermore, he follows a healthy diet consisting of vegetables with different shades, wild-caught salmon, lean poultry meat, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and various wellness supplements.

Net Worth

He is well-known amongst fitness enthusiasts for his YouTube content that provides evidence-based fitness advice and disproves myths, as well as teaching natural bodybuilding techniques proven to increase strength and muscle mass in individuals.

He enjoys an immense following across various social media platforms, with his YouTube videos often receiving hundreds of views and likes. Furthermore, he has competed in natural bodybuilding competitions.

Nippard remains low profile despite his immense fame, choosing instead to focus on his career and YouTube channel in addition to having an approachable and pleasant personality.

Earning considerable revenues through merchandise sales, brand sponsorships and YouTube ad revenue streams; additionally he conducts fitness sessions for IPF powerlifters as well as provincial/national bodybuilders.

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