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Jeff Luce

Attorney Paul Luce specializes in guiding clients through the complex legal and political aspects of land entitlement. His experience includes representing both public agencies and private developers.

Conduct a background search using Jeffrey Luce’s first and last names to gain information about relatives, public records and any potential legal disputes that might exist against him.

Early Life and Education

Jeff Luce was an extremely proud Marine who proudly and courageously served his nation. He shared that pride with both his family and friends every single day.

He was married to Jenelee and father to Jcob and Jianah. He taught them the value of compassion as well as teaching them an efficient work ethic and the importance of education.

Luce was also an active part of his community. He established Acquire the Fire ministry, hosting weekend youth rallies at large venues nationwide and an ongoing television show entitled, “Acquire the Fire”. Through these events, Luce trained young adults interested in entering youth ministries. Additionally, he helped to launch Honor Academy which provided students with leadership training.

Professional Career

Jeff Luce was an esteemed investment professional with 35 years of experience in energy sector merger, acquisition, and joint venture transactions. His projects encompassed over ten public and private equity financings along with debt investments that had hybrid capital components.

Jeff Luce Oldsmobile Service in Burleson. In addition to serving on numerous boards of directors for companies and engaging in Republican Party politics, he founded and ran Jeff Luce Oldsmobile Service as a family business.

His legacy includes his wife Stacia Luce of Burleson; their children Cori Hixson and Lea Barnett who reside there, Vance Barnett from Fort Worth; as well as three grandchildren. Vance was a graduate of R. L. Paschal High School and Marine Corps veteran; an avid sports fan with interests that included hunting, fishing, collecting arrowheads and collecting baseball cards throughout his lifetime.

Achievement and Honors

At graduation, this award recognizes students who have shown throughout their college careers exceptional concern for others, academic excellence and team spirit as members of an intercollegiate team. It is the highest accolade the College can bestow upon any one individual student.

Luce has recruited Rittenhouse to teach young fundamentalists how to produce pop-culture missionary videos for his army of hermaphrodites, and is beginning to see his vision come to fruition: thousands of “battle-cryers” have spread throughout the globe proclaiming spiritual purity, chastity and commitment to laissez-faire capitalism as they preach against all that oppose it.

At NYU, Luce helped guide their grapplers to an impressive 14-6 dual record under his guidance, as Nathan Pike became its inaugural NCAA champion and Raymond Jazikoff, Blaise Benderoth and John Messinger all qualified for nationals in respective weight classes. For his efforts Luce was honored as Metropolitan Conference Assistant Coach of the Year 2012.

Personal Life

He was an exceptional individual, beloved by everyone he encountered; although his time may have been cut short, his memory will live on for many years to come. He loved exploring all that nature had to offer – exploring forests and collecting anything he found such as arrowheads or sunsets in nature.

He hosted multiple one-man shows and was represented by numerous galleries nationwide and abroad; some notable galleries being Dubose Gallery and David Findley Gallery of Houston Texas respectively.

On May 6, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Det. Jared Mitkus arrested Luce after a woman reported her debit card had been compromised, with Naomi, wife of Luce’s wife being the suspect. This woman reported in April she noticed money was missing from her bank account because Naomi took money away from her husband Luce – her card declined shortly thereafter.

Net Worth

Luce led weekend Acquire the Fire youth rallies and ministry clinics at major venues nationwide, often drawing thousands of teens and young adults. His weekly television show Acquire the Fire was broadcasted on Trinity Broadcasting Network as well as other Christian television channels.

Erwin leaves behind his wife Jenelee; sons Jacob and Jianah; daughter Tonya and granddaughter Konan. In addition, his older brother Greg also leaves his family.

Estimates place his net worth at over $37.3 Million as of 2021, according to Form 4 filings with the SEC. He completed over 32 trades of Dell Technologies Inc stock since 2003; most recently on 2 February 2021 he exercised 113,946 units worth approximately $1,566,758 of it.

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