Jenny Masche Mcclendon 2022

Jenny Masche Expects A Baby Boy With Levi McClendon 2022

Jenny Masche, the former WEtv reality star who made waves with her sextuplets and divorce, is having another child with her husband Levi McClendon. She announced on her blog that she is expecting a baby boy, which brings the Masche brood to nine kids.

She and McClendon married last March after meeting in 2006 when she was filming a reality show about her family called Raising Sextuplets. They have six children together – Savannah, Bailey, Grant, Cole, Molli and Blake.

In this episode, the Masche family is dealing with some financial challenges as they rely on one income to support their growing family. Moreover, they have to face the fact that their children’s personalities are causing them a lot of stress, so they turn to experts for help.

For Jenny, a plastic surgeon could be just the thing to get her body back into shape. But it isn’t a decision she can easily make without consulting her husband and parents. She’s not sure that her mother-in-law and father-in-law are on board with the idea of going under the knife, so she tries to convince them to support her.

Eventually, she does decide to undergo surgery, but things don’t go according to plan. She ends up in the hospital, which leads to some complications and a difficult recovery. But, as always, she’s determined to come out of it stronger.

Masche also announced that he is considering running for governor of Arizona, and he is looking to focus on issues such as immigration, making changes to secure elections and making COVID (the pandemic flu) a national concern. He said he believes that the current state of affairs in both Arizona and the United States is a threat to the nation’s security and that something must be done.

He’s one of more than 30 potential candidates who have filed statements of interest with the Secretary of State. He is also one of 19 Republicans who have expressed an interest in seeking the party’s nomination for governor.

When Masche was a Lake Havasu City resident, he and his wife were filmed for several episodes of “Raising Sextuplets.” The reality series chronicled the family’s journey and struggles with having sextuplets and raising them. It ran for two seasons and was canceled in 2010.

In this episode, the Masche’s are learning that parenting sextuplets isn’t all that easy. Just washing the dog is a major ordeal when six 16-month-olds all get in on the action. They’re also trying to figure out how to discipline their growing group of individual personalities as the terrible twos approach.

She’s got a tough time getting rid of her post-pregnancy weight, too. She’s lost 80 pounds, but she’s not sure if her body will be able to handle another pregnancy. She turns to a nutritionist and diet doctor for help, and she gets some unexpected results from her efforts. She’s also surprised to learn that her husband Bryan has gained some of his own sympathy weight and needs to lose it too.

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