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Euphoria’s Fashion

If you’re a fan of HBO’s hit teen drama series Euphoria, you may have already noticed that its fashion has received plenty of media attention. The show’s characters are not only attractive, they’re also well dressed. As the seasons progress, the characters’ wardrobes – both in and out of the classroom – have become more and more interesting. In addition, the show has garnered praise for its unique storytelling. With the show’s conclusion nearing, there are only four more episodes left. That means there’s still a lot to watch. Fortunately, the show’s style has won over its many fans. Here are some of the best examples of the show’s stylish moments.

One of the most memorable costumes in the first season of Euphoria was that of Bob Ross. This blue button-up shirt was a very close replica of the artist’s hair. Also included in the look was a phenomenal beard.

The show’s ‘yassification’ of the art deco movement is also evident in its costume designs. The show combines the aesthetics of the mid-century with the boldness of the 1980s. While the outfit may have been a work of art in its own right, it was also a showcase of the best of both worlds.

Another example is the Jeremy Scott T-Shirt that Hunter Schafer wears in episode five of the series. Although it’s certainly not the most fashionable wardrobe item, it’s an homage to the king of pop culture and the most famous movie of all time.

However, the best example of the show’s fashion is the ensembles worn by the main cast. Not only are they all dressed to kill, but each character’s style is quite distinct. Rue, for instance, has a signature style – a short-sleeved navy work shirt. Other notable looks include the Malcolm X shirt worn when she calls Ali and the graphic knit sweater from Iggy that depicts a 1984 documentary about homelessness in Seattle.

Among the many other notable costumes are the goth look by Jules (Alexa Demie) and the Slaves of New York dress by Cassie (Sydney Sweeney). Both were created by the talented Doniella Davy. She incorporated opalescent stick-ons, face-framing hair strand antenna, and black hairstreaks to bring the look to life.

Another example of the show’s fashion fidelity is the “Pureest Soul” getup that Lexi (Zendaya) gets to wear in episode seven. This look is a nod to John McClane, but it’s also inspired by Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Jake Peralta. It’s also the show’s most expensive look, but it was a good value for money.

Finally, there’s the ‘Euphoria’-inspired clothing line, Liquid Euphoria. These designs are based on Stephen Sprouse’s work and the spirit of punk. Some of the clothes are vintage, but they’re all crafted to perfection. They feature modernized versions of the “Euphoria” logo as well as other designs that are meant to evoke the show’s themes.

With a second season and a plethora of new stories to tell, the new Euphoria is sure to continue delivering quality entertainment. And the best part is, you can get in on the action on Now TV in the UK or on Sky Atlantic in the U.S.

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