Jessica Oliver

Jessica Oliver

Jessica Oliver is an adept project leader with an affinity for customer service. As such, her responsibilities involve optimizing pricing using complex analytics in order to deliver personalized offers.

She plays with bands like Hauswerk (which pokes fun at gender stereotyping) and Can’t Kids, an indie/chamber rock crossover band. Additionally, Michael runs Oliver Cattle Company and milks their small herd of high-end show cows.

Early Life and Education

Jessica Oliver is a project leader with an eye for streamlining processes. She strives daily to exceed client expectations at TransPro; her skillset includes customer service, recruiting, sales, membership management and membership development.

Born and raised in Illinois, Jessica is an animal enthusiast. She takes great pride in caring for the pets she cares for as though they were her own; currently having rescue ridgeback, hound mix, hens and a sphynx cat in the home.

She graduated with her master’s in nursing education from Arizona Pacific University (APU), dedicating herself to her students. Additionally, she works in pediatric palliative care at a hospital. Although both of her parents are deceased, SaCourtney and Jessica Oliver remain with their father Corey Keeling who remains her brother-in-law along with many aunts and uncles who remain family.

Professional Career

Jessica Oliver is an adept project leader with a deep commitment to streamlining processes at TransPro. She takes great pleasure in exceeding client expectations at TransPro.

At KYW, she quickly gained local fame, drawing crowds of admirers whenever she walked down the street. Aspiring to leave local news behind and pursue network reporting full time, she successfully gained employment at an NBC affiliate station in Washington D.C.

She became known nationally, developing her unique, controlled style of news delivery that became an influence for female newscasters to follow suit.

Achievement and Honors

Jessica Oliver is an innovative artist and painter whose work draws heavily upon Neo-Romantic traditions of landscape, vista and light. Currently she uses cloudscape studies to observe elemental “themes”, including expansiveness and luminosity.

At Howard University, she helped both men’s and women’s track teams win conference championships for the first time ever in program history, earning the MEAC Indoor/Outdoor Coach of the Year honor in 2022.

Oliver led Jaret Carpenter and Curt Eckstein to All-American status, the highest total in Purdue cross country history. Her team finished in the top four at NCAA Championships for the first time since 1948! Moreover, Oliver guided Stanford distance runners back into great performance – something the Cardinal hadn’t experienced since 2010.

Personal Life

Jessica Oliver is an enthusiastic real estate agent with a strong desire to assist others in finding their ideal homes. Specializing in both residential and commercial properties, she assists her clients in preparing for successful closings while possessing extensive expertise with contracts, negotiations, property management and more.

She is also an animal enthusiast, enjoying caring for her own pets – including a ridgeback dog, rescue hound mix, sphynx cat and flock of chickens – in her home as well as being part of the Pet Partners animal clinic in Erin and providing care to other people’s animals as if they were her own.

Artist Jessica Oliver works in both sculpture and paint. As an ambassador of Michael Harding oil paints, she has been painting full time for the past ten years – often drawing inspiration from landscape and nature-themed subjects with a particular emphasis on representing natural phenomena such as rainfall or clouds.

Net Worth

Jessica has earned herself considerable notoriety and success since joining the industry in 2006. Since then, she has been featured in various movies and TV shows that have brought her great renown and success in Hollywood.

She is best-known worldwide for her iconic role as Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress on Arrow, one of America’s acclaimed superhero TV series. This role brought her international recognition and helped establish herself as an international star.

Jamie Oliver has amassed an estimated net worth of around $200 Million due to his cooking show, cookbooks, endorsements and restaurants. As one of the richest celebrity chefs in America he is well known for sharing affordable recipes on television shows such as his.

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