Jo Dee Messina Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell Covers Jo Dee Messina

One of Cole Swindell’s most successful hits is a cover of Jo Dee Messina’s breakthrough hit “Heads Carolina, Tails California.” This song was an instant classic and helped Messina become the most commercially successful country artist from New England. However, Messina hasn’t appeared at the CMA Awards in over a decade. Luckily, Swindell was able to have her in his video for his latest single.

After Swindell’s version of the song was released, fans have been begging for a duet. He’s also released an acoustic version to celebrate the success of the song.

When the video for “She Had Me at Heads Carolina” first premiered, Swindell said that it was a fun shoot. He shot the video in Printer’s Alley in Nashville. The song is a fun song to dance along to. The lyrics paint a picture of a typical country girl. The video features a blonde woman in a dress and cowgirl boots singing the song. It has a bit of a love song to it as well. The video is filled with personal touches, as Swindell’s friends and family also appear in the film.

It seems as though Cole Swindell’s music is a bit different than most country artists. He has a very distinctive sound and clever lyrics. He has received a lot of nominations for his musical performance. This year, he was nominated for Musical Event of the Year. This is his second nomination. The other nomination is for Music Video of the Year, for his song “Never Say Never” with Lainey Wilson.

The music for “She Had Me at Heads Carolina” is a fun, dance-along tune that is heavily influenced by Jo Dee Messina’s 1996 hit. The song has been a success on the Billboard Hot 100 and is currently at #16. The song is one of the fastest rising singles of Swindell’s career, reaching the top of the Country Airplay chart in eight weeks. The song is now certified platinum.

The song is part of Swindell’s newest album, Stereotype. It has 13 tracks. Seven of them were written by Swindell. The others were co-written by other songwriters.

The songs on the album are diverse and feature a lot of pop influence. Some of the songs are more straight-up love songs while others are more pop-influenced. The album also includes two songs that aren’t pure love songs. Among these songs is Every Beer, which is a bit like Cody Johnson’s “Til You Can’t”.

The “She Had Me at Heads Carolina” music video features Messina in her role as a bartender. In the music video, Swindell and his friends go to a karaoke bar to sing the song. He then finds out that he is falling in love with the karaoke singer. The music is exciting and the lyrics are interesting. The video is full of personal touches and cameos by Messina and Tim Nichols. The video has racked up over 6.5 million views on YouTube. It was filmed in downtown Nashville.

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