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Joanne Minardi Net Worth

Joanne Minardi is best known as the wife of legendary basketball coach Rick Pitino from Louisville University. As co-founder of the Daniel Pitino Foundation and her marriage to him, she has become well known.

She was born in Long Island and currently stands 68 years old as of 2021.

Her brother was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, while another son passed away due to congenital heart failure at age six months.

Early Life and Education

Joanne Minardi was born in Long Island, New York in 1953. At St. Dominic’s High School in Oyster Bay she met Rick Pitino whom she would eventually go on to marry in 1976. They first became friends before beginning dating.

In 1987, one of their sons Daniel died due to congenital heart defect at only six months. To honor his memory and honor his legacy in Owensboro Kentucky. they established Daniel Pitino Foundation and Shelter.

Minardi is an approachable woman with a passion for helping others. She and her husband Richard Jr. founded the Daniel Pitino Foundation in Sington, Kentucky as well as spending vacation time vacationing at Saratoga New York – they share five children including Michael Christopher Richard Jr Richard Jr Ryan Jacqueline

Professional Career

Joanne Minardi first met Rick Pitino while both students at St. Dominic’s High School in Oyster Bay, Long Island in the early 1970s. Two years later they married, having five children between them: sons Michael and Christopher as well as daughters Richard Jr. and Ryan as well as Daniel who died due to congenital heart failure at six months of age.

She is an accomplished cook, having been featured in several cookbooks and contributing to food blogs regularly.

On August 6, 2010, a federal district court judge found Cunagin guilty of extortion and lying to federal agents, and she was sentenced to 87 months of incarceration before she was released into a halfway house in January 2017. Cunagin hired new lawyers, accusing the judge, prosecutors, her former attorneys and Pitino of conspiring together against her and conspiring against her conviction – though she later expressed immense remorse and contrition for her actions.

Achievement and Honors

Joanne Minardi is widely respected and recognized for her contribution to the Daniel Pitino Foundation as co-founder. As an experienced businesswoman and entrepreneur with an excellent track record, her success can be attributed to both her partnership with husband Rick Pitino as well as family. Her dedication is at the core of her success.

Minardi and Pitino share five children together, including Daniel who tragically passed away due to a congenital heart defect at just six months of age in 1987. This tragedy greatly affected them; so much so, that they created the Daniel Pitino Shelter later on to support those in need.

Joanne has persevered despite scandals that had the potential to end her career. She stood by her husband as he faced allegations made by Katina Powell in her book Breaking Cardinal Rules regarding an alleged prostitution operation involving Louisville players.

Personal Life

Joanne Minardi is best known as the wife of American university basketball coach Rick Pitino and co-founded the Daniel Pitino Foundation with him. As a flight attendant herself, Minardi also helped establish a shelter named after her late son Daniel who died from congenital heart failure at six months.

Minardi and Pitino married on April 3, 1976 in Saratoga Springs, New York, and now share five children: Christopher, Michael, Daniel (deceased), Ryan and Jacqueline.

Recent controversy erupted between them after Katina Powell accused Pitino of engaging in a prostitution operation targeting Louisville Cardinal players. After some initial disagreement, however, the couple eventually settled their differences and Minardi remains by his side as his partner and resident of Louisville, Kentucky where she currently resides at 70 years old.

Net Worth

Joanne Minardi is undoubtedly making a considerable income as co-founder of Daniel Pitino Foundation; however, her exact net worth remains unknown.

Pitino met his future wife when he was an assistant college-level coach and she was working as a flight attendant in 1974. They formed an instantaneous connection that would eventually result in their marriage two years later.

Michael and Jacqueline Pitino were blessed with five children – Michael, Christopher, Richard, Ryan and Jacqueline Pitino. Unfortunately their son Daniel died of congenital heart failure at six months of age; to honor him they created both Daniel Pitino Foundation and Daniel Pitino Shelter in his memory.

In 2009, cheating allegations caused great turmoil for the couple when it emerged that Pitino had engaged in an illicit one-night affair with Karen Cunagin Sypher resulting in her becoming pregnant and him paying out $3000 to have it terminated.

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