Jodie Turner-Smith Net Worth

Jodie Turner-Smith is an esteemed model and actress. She has appeared in multiple films and TV shows.

She holds dual nationalities; Jamaican and British. This multiracial heritage has enhanced her career path.

Her appearances in movies and music videos has propelled her popularity further, while she also owns her own production company.

Early Life and Education

Jodie Turner-Smith is an internationally acclaimed model, actress and TV host who also advocates for racial justice and LGBTQ rights. Born in Peterborough England and currently living there permanently.

Gaithersburg High School was her educational home; upon graduation in 2008 she studied finance at the University of Pittsburgh before heading west for modeling and acting opportunities in Los Angeles.

Turner-Smith is an incredible actress with an extraordinary persona, serving as an example to young people and advocating for social justice.

Turner-Smith married Canadian actor Joshua Jackson in 2019, and they are parents to one daughter together. Turner-Smith is well known for her roles on TNT’s The Last Ship and Nightflyers on Syfy as well as playing Queen Anne Boleyn on Channel Five’s Anne drama series.

Professional Career

Jodie Turner-Smith has established herself as both an actress and model. She has appeared in multiple movies and television series as well as being endorsing several high-end brands.

She made her acting debut as a siren on True Blood TV series in 2013. Since then she has appeared in multiple projects; becoming best-known for her leading role in Queen & Slim (2019) which earned critical acclaim and praise from audiences around the world.

In 2022, she appeared in two films – After Yang and White Noise. Additionally, she played Anne Boleyn in the television series Anne Boleyn. Jodie currently resides with actor Joshua Jackson whom she married on December 2019; they share one child together.

Achievement and Honors

Jodie Turner-Smith is a beautiful actress who champions social justice issues. She has appeared as the face of various brands and in countless movies and TV shows.

Her acting career took off once she secured the role of siren on True Blood. Since then, she has made appearances in music videos as well as playing Sergeant Azima Kandie in TNT’s The Last Ship and Melantha Jhirl on Netflix’s Nightflyers (in 2018 and 2019 respectively). Furthermore, she starred as Josie on Cinemax series Jett in 2019.

Jodie’s performances in Queen & Slim and Anne Boleyn earned her praise from industry peers, earning her nominations for 2022 NAACP Image Awards as Outstanding Actress. Next up is her appearance in Acolyte from Star Wars TV.

Personal Life

Turner-Smith is a beautiful and talented actress who has established herself in the entertainment industry. Additionally, she is a strong proponent for racial justice – she actively advocates on its behalf through supporting organizations like Black Lives Matter.

She made her acting debut as a siren in HBO series True Blood in 2013 and has since appeared in various television shows and music videos, such as Zayn Malik’s 2016 hit Pillow Talk. Queen & Slim in 2019 proved her talents and received critical acclaim.

Turner-Smith married Canadian actor Joshua Jackson in 2019 and they now share one daughter together while living in Topanga Canyon, California. Turner-Smith’s estimated net worth stands at over $3 Million due to her acting career alone.

Net Worth

Turner-Smith has amassed considerable wealth through her acting and modeling careers, while remaining active as an advocate of social justice and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Born September 7, 1986 to Jamaican parents in Peterborough, England. At 10 years old her parents divorced and she relocated with her mother, brother, and half-sister to the US with them where she attended Gaithersburg High School before going on to obtain a finance degree from University of Pittsburgh.

She began modeling before making her acting debut in 2013’s True Blood. Since then, she has made many TV show and movie appearances and will next be seen in Without Remorse as Anne Boleyn as part of an historical drama series.

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