Jody Thomas

Jody Thomas – National Security and Intelligence Advisor

Jody Thomas is a dedicated public servant, leading with strength and care while taking on some of Canada’s most delicate security challenges. As National Security and Intelligence Advisor, she serves at the highest levels of government.

Thomas was asked during a hearing regarding the snooping controversy about her son’s involvement with Lockheed Martin, which is involved with Ottawa’s Canadian Surface Combatant fleet and Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship projects.

Early Life and Education

Jody Thomas was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas where she lived with her parents and younger brother in a modest ranch house with multiple pets. While her father worked in oil industry and her mother as homemaker respectively, both brothers shared an avid interest for reading history books together and being history enthusiasts.

Jody has dedicated 37 years of public service, working at various levels of government in different capacities and leading with strength, care, and conviction on some of Canada’s most critical security challenges.

She founded the Meg Foundation with an intention to empower families dealing with pain and medical anxiety, serving as an author and speaker on integrative health tools that address healthcare-related anxiety. Royal Roads University honored her work by awarding her with a Doctorate.

Professional Career

Jody Thomas has played an essential role in Canada’s most critical decisions during her time as national security advisor, as well as being an outspoken supporter for mental health awareness and equality within defence and security communities.

She has extensive public service experience and held roles as Commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard, Business Manager at Passport Canada, and Officer in the Naval Reserve. She is widely seen as being pragmatic when it comes to global issues, especially concerning China’s aggressive behaviour.

Thomas is known both for her government work as well as her singing-songwriter talent. She has performed at events like Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon and with artists such as George Clinton and Bootsy Collins; plus several TV and movie spots have featured Thomas’ music.

Achievement and Honors

Jody Thomas has been instrumental in driving many of Canada’s landmark domestic and international decisions. As an expert in handling sensitive security matters, she has served at senior levels of the federal government.

At present, she serves as the National Security Advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada and as Deputy Minister of National Defence; during these positions she played a vital role in changing an entrenched culture of sexual misconduct within Canadian Armed Forces.

Thomas hails from Texas and holds degrees in family living, drawing on her background to create stories focusing on family dynamics and values. Additionally, she teaches courses at college levels – enjoying interactions with her students as she finds teaching to be one of the most fulfilling professions.

Personal Life

Jody Thomas is a mother, business owner and community leader. She holds an Emmy award-winning Foley artist slot at her post-production sound effects company called The Sync Tank; additionally, she runs Rhythm of the Arts Family Camp.

Recently, she has been at the centre of some of Canada’s most pivotal domestic and international decisions, such as providing critical intelligence and counsel to Prime Minister Stephen Harper during Ukraine war; responding with Canadian Forces during natural disasters or pandemic; or discussing issues regarding Arctic sovereignty.

She leads with strength, care and conviction as she takes on some of Canada’s most sensitive security challenges with integrity and kindness. A remarkable public servant, she has made an outstanding contribution to Canada.

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Jody Thomas serves as National Security Advisor to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with extensive experience across federal government departments including national defense and Canada’s coast guard.

She has been described as a realist on global issues and “hawkish” towards China. Additionally, she participated in the federal government’s apology to CAF members who experienced sexual misconduct.

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