John and Hazel Durnavich

John and Hazel Durnavich

John and Hazel Durnavich, residents of Phoenix, Arizona, were attacked in their own home by an unknown individual who used duct tape to bind their limbs together, leaving both critically injured.

They were saved and taken to hospital as police conducted an investigation. It was a terrifying attack, leaving those close to them puzzled as to why someone would want to harm them.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

In 1998, John and Hazel Durnavich were enjoying their retirement years. They were contented and healthy until one night when a burglar broke into their home.

They were left in a coma for some time before police intervened and saved the day. In the end, a Chicago native got caught trying to break into their home and spent one year in a psychiatric ward before his image was captured on camera.

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Personal Life

John Durnavich and Hazel lived a happy life together. They had established strong bonds with their neighbors and enjoyed living in Phoenix, Arizona. Tragically, however, their lives took an incredibly dark turn when an intense home invasion occurred to them.

The show follows the police investigation of this crime, which ultimately led them to catch and sentence Mike Urick for his crimes and sentence him to prison. They also uncover why he committed the attack in the first place and how it led to John’s death. Ultimately, Mike Urick took his own life upon realizing he would not get away free from this case. Watch American Detective With Joe Kenda: Lights Out to gain more insight into this shocking event and its tragic aftermath.

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