John Baycroft

The Reverend John Baycroft

John Baycroft was born in Redcar and educated at Sir William Turner School and Christ’s College, Cambridge. After becoming ordained in 1956, he held ministerial posts at Loughborough, Ontario; Ottawa; and Perth, Ontario before being appointed Dean of Ottawa in 1984.

Professor Kevin Flynn, director of the Anglican studies program at Saint Paul University, described Baycroft as a “significant figure” in Canadian church history and an “important leader” in Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogue. On April 3, 2019, he was awarded the Eugenie de Mazenod medal by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate for his contributions. This medal recognizes individuals who have made a difference.

Early Life and Education

At first sight, we are mesmerized by the blond curly-haired boy driving his wagon down Third Street in New Toronto. He’s John Baycroft – third child and grandson of Gordon and Doreen Baycroft as well as William and Edith Baycroft.

In 1921, William Baycroft sold his furniture and undertaking business in Beeton to open W.E. Baycroft & Sons Funeral Home in a large house located on the northeast corner of Lake Shore Boulevard West and Fourteenth Street.

Over his long ordained career, Baycroft served in multiple parishes, was appointed Dean of Ottawa and Rector of Christ Church Cathedral; he also did chaplaincy work in prisons and for the militia. In 1985 he was made Suffragan Bishop of Ottawa followed by Diocesan Bishop in 1993. Additionally he served on both Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission as well as co-chairing Canadian Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue conferences.

Professional Career

John Baycroft is a renowned former suffragan bishop, diocesan bishop and director of the Anglican Centre in Rome, among other high-profile posts. Additionally, he received an MBE for his part in saving many lives during Sierra Leone’s SAS hostage rescue operation.

He’s an impressive priest and former world’s most decorated special air service (SAS) soldier, currently working as a strategic security advisor for Avida Global. With 24 years of military experience under his belt, he earned himself an MBE. What really sets him apart though, is that he still keeps in touch with his roots – a true Geordie at heart! Luckily for him, there’s an experienced team of trusted experts by his side!

Achievements and Honors

One of the greatest accomplishments of the retired bishop was the establishment of an esteemed Anglican studies program at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, led by Baycroft who holds a PhD in church history. No stranger to public speaking engagements, Baycroft also regularly speaks on church history topics. As diocesan bishop of Ottawa, Baycroft achieved many remarkable things during his time in office; most notably his leadership role in creating the Canadian Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogue. In addition to his fellow clergymen’s praises, Baycroft demonstrated great skill when it came to dealing with Canada’s most pressing political and social problems. As you might expect, he’s no slouch when it comes to office bowling or the occasional golf game either – he truly is a man of the cloth who holds great respect and knows how to manage his money wisely.

Personal Life

John Baycroft prefers to keep his personal life private. Nonetheless, he does have some dating history and former girlfriends.

John Arthur Baycroft was a Canadian Anglican bishop during the second half of the 20th century. Born in Redcar, educated at Sir William Turner School and Christ’s College Cambridge, ordained 1956 and held episcopates in Loughborough, Ontario; Ottawa; and Perth before becoming Dean of Ottawa in 1984.

After retiring from the Diocese of Ottawa in 1999, Baycroft served as professor of Anglican Studies at Saint Paul University and is a member of both the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission and Canadian Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue.

Net Worth

John Baycroft was a quiet, unassuming priest who always worked in the background for his church and charity organizations. As a retired accountant, he dedicated most of his free time to supporting and encouraging priestly vocations. He was especially active in Toronto West Serra Club which celebrates and encourages religious vocations. Upon passing away at 83 years old in 2017, he left behind an endowed bequest to his church which will continue to be used for its benefit.

John Baycroft’s net worth is currently estimated to be between $1-5 Million. We will update this page soon with full details about his wealth and income. He is an active member in his community in Etobicoke, Ontario.

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