John Bazemore

John Bazemore – A Voice of Hope

John Bazemore was a towering presence in his family, community and faith. He lived life boldly, laughed often and showed great compassion towards others with great passion. John served as an encouragement to those who believed life could be restored through God’s grace. His example will remain an inspiration to us all.

He was a member of Grace Chapel AME Church in Beaufort, SC and also founded “To and Fro” Salvation Ministry – a personal one-on-one ministry. A devout Christian, he believed the Lord had called him to live out his faith as he interacted with people on a daily basis.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education and child care are essential in guaranteeing that every child has access to a secure, high-quality environment where they can learn. Unfortunately, these services may not always be easily or affordably accessible for many families.

Americans of all political affiliations, as well as policy experts and educational and advocacy organizations, believe that providing equitable access to high-quality early learning programs is an essential way to level the playing field for children from low-income families, enable them to succeed, and break free of poverty’s cycle.

Children from low-income families typically face a significant achievement gap that persists throughout their lives. This disparity can be the result of various issues, such as poor family planning and child care options that don’t fit around parents’ work schedules or are inaccessible for those on limited resources.

Professional Career

As the Hawks’ starting small forward, John Bazemore has much to prove. After having an outstanding first-time starter year in 2018, he made the most of his time on the team by refining his jump shot and playing bigger minutes when given more chances. With limited playing time remaining in 2019, Bazemore must prove he can keep improving throughout 2019.

As the NBA free agency period begins on July 1, the Hawks must work diligently to maintain the health and happiness of their newest member. They hope a winning franchise, strong developmental program and lucrative contract offer will allow Bazemore to continue his meteoric rise up the ladder – with Atlanta being his best bet at accomplishing all three.

Achievements and Honors

Bazemore had aspirations of becoming a minister, but instead chose to pursue a military career. He served in the Air Force, Army and Navy for 19 years in total.

He served as director for Wilberforce University in Columbia, South Carolina and was the first African American elected to the Columbia City Council. Additionally, he helped found a local Salvation Army chapter.

Bazemore’s unusual build as a nose guard has allowed him to make an impressive impact for Dallas Christian, which is competing for a TAPPS Division III state championship. This season alone he has made 72 tackles.

In his free time, he founded the “See Past Your Block” program to assist high-risk students in improving their lives. To motivate them further, he encourages them to travel and visit museums.

Personal Life

John Bazemore was an iconic figure in the lives of family, friends and community. Though soft-spoken and unassuming on first sight, he was an incredible storyteller – capable of taking simple truths or memories and crafting them so vividly that they would remain forever in your memory.

He had an innate empathy, always listening intently and providing people with his support when they needed it most. Always willing to lend a helping hand, he truly loved people.

In addition to his professional duties, he enjoyed spending time with his family and fishing, hunting and the outdoors. An accomplished artist and wood carver, he painted Lowcountry scenes and carved duck decoys. As a charter member of Georgetown County Recreation Committee, he worked towards getting a rec boat ramp built.

Net Worth

John Bazemore is a retired professional basketball player and currently a free agent with an estimated net worth of $20 million.

The former college basketball player is renowned for his creative playmaking and passing out of the post. Additionally, he displays strong defensive intensity as well as leadership qualities.

He was recognized as one of the Top 50 College Players of All Time and earned himself the Lefty Driesell Award for National College Defensive Player of the Year while playing for Old Dominion University Monarchs.

He serves as a director for Ardelyx, Inc. Previously, he held the positions of President, Chief Executive Officer and Director at Epizyme Inc. with over 25 years of experience in this industry.

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