John Bazzano

John Bazzano Passes Away at 87

John Vincent Bazzano, 87, passed away Monday at his residence in Torrington after a long and distinguished life as an active citizen of the city.

He was a US Coast Guard veteran and the sole proprietor of Globe Cleaners and Linen. Additionally, he worked at Warehouse Point Chemical Corporation and Diamond Chemical Company.

Early Life and Education

John Bazzano, the son of Sicilian immigrants, grew up in New Kensington. He graduated from Brien McMahon High School and then earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Penn State University.

He then relocated to Pittsburgh, ultimately becoming a boss in the Mafia.

He established himself as the head of the family after killing Giuseppe Siragusa in September 1931. During his reign, he dealt with Neapolitan rivals, the Volpe brothers from Wilmerding.

He killed three Volpes in July 1932, but two escaped and filed a complaint to the Mafia commission of New York City.

Professional Career

John bazzano was a man of many talents and you’d have to ask him which one you admired more: reading, piano playing and eating too much food! He enjoyed fine wine and spirits too, having an eye for bargains as well as picking out the finest cigars available in town. A passionate family man, John enjoyed spending time with many special friends – most of whom are still alive today – throughout his life. He will be missed by many!

Achievements and Honors

John Bazzano was an esteemed member of his community. He served as president of the local Rotary Club and organized numerous community events.

He was active in numerous school activities and earned several honors and awards during high school.

His numerous accomplishments include being a member of the National Honor Society and receiving multiple accolades for his leadership skills and volunteerism.

He earned a place on the dean’s list for academic achievement at Middlebury College in 2001 after graduating from Xavier High School in Middletown.

Personal Life

John Bazzano was a well-known figure within the Pittsburgh crime family, serving as its boss after Guiseppe Siragusa was assassinated in 1931.

Bazzano had to protect his family when he took control of it from rivals such as the Volpe brothers, who were moving into Pittsburgh. Though he attempted to hit them with his pistol, these killings weren’t sanctioned by La Costa Nostra Commission.

In the end, he was murdered in New York City. His body was discovered wrapped in a burlap sack on a Brooklyn street.

His survivors include his loving wife of 67 years, Frances Bazzano; daughter Susan Boland and husband Michael from Torrington; son James Bazzano with Constance Giordano of Waterford; sister Tina Giordano; four grandchildren Adam McIntire, Sarah Catanzaro, Zachary McIntire and Kelsey Boland; as well as three great-grandchildren.

Net Worth

John Bazzano has an estimated net worth of over $18.6 million as of 12 March 2021, due to his ownership of 2,000 units of CBRE Inc stock worth $14,346,935. Additionally, John earns $4,073,190 as Global Chief Executive Officer and Global Workplace Solutions at CBRE Inc. According to John’s Form 4 filed with the SEC, John has made 1 trades of CBRE stock since 2021 for a total profit of $158,060; his largest trade being selling 2,000 units on 12 March 2021 for $157,060; its average price over this past year has been $29.75 so he’s made quite a fortune from investments in stocks! The full history of John’s trades can be seen below; thank you for reading!

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