John Brumley

John Brumley is a Composer and Philanthropist

John Brumley has spent his life muck-deep in the oil patch. From a young age, he had a knack for finding the best deals in oil, and he built a successful career in the industry.

He started his professional career at Southland Royalty and then co-founded Cross Timbers, a Fort Worth-based firm that focused on the acquisition of existing oil and gas properties. He also served as a board member of several oil and gas companies.

Early Life and Education

Brumley grew up in Berryville, Arkansas where he followed his father and brothers in farming. The family had several acres of land close together in Carroll County.

While at Northwestern State University, he served as a student leader and later as the president of the Student Council. He was also a member of the varsity athletic team and the Golden Tip Honor Society.

Upon graduation, Brumley began working at Ethos Consultants Ltd., an oil and gas consulting firm. He later opened a branch office in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

During his career, Brumley has helped to promote diversity and equity in the MBA program. He is also a philanthropist, supporting initiatives that improve the quality of education and civil rights in the United States.

Professional Career

As a professional, Brumley has made an impact on the energy industry. He is also an avid philanthropist and has devoted his life to the cause of education.

The day after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the father and son co-founders of Encore Acquisition Company rushed out personal and company checks totaling $50,000 to help with relief efforts. They were confident that the money they gave would be enough to make a difference in the lives of those who had been affected by the disaster.

The company, which focuses on natural gas and oil drilling, is well known for its efficiency in acquiring properties. Its employees are also resourceful, collaborating on projects that require multiple members to work simultaneously. Their efforts have fueled the company’s growth and led to it becoming one of the nation’s most respected companies in the energy industry.

Achievements and Honors

John Brumley is retiring after a long career in education. He’s watched 20 graduating classes pass through the high school doors in Coeur d’Alene.

He’s been a vice principal, an assistant principal, a principal and finally a planning principal. In all those years he’s been a leader, a supporter, an encourager.

In the past 17 years he’s been a part of the building process at Lake City High School in Coeur d’Alene. He’s helped name it, the mascot, the colors and all the little details that make it what it is today.

He and his wife have donated a lot of time and money to community activities in the area and state. They have started a foundation to offer scholarships for students who want to become teachers and are interested in helping disadvantaged children.

Personal Life

As Principal at Lake City High School for the past 16 years, John Brumley has watched a lot of students graduate. He’s seen them at concerts, plays, parent-teacher nights, fundraisers, and a host of other events.

He has also helped them on the road to a successful career in business and education, promoting the value of an education as a tool for change and success. He’s been an active supporter of a variety of philanthropic endeavors, including improving resources at children’s hospitals in Texas.

As he prepares to retire, he says he’s looking forward to a quiet time with his wife and family. He’s also planning to spend more time on his hobbies, such as steaming and gardening. He also wants to continue traveling with his son, Stephen, and his daughter, Brandi.

Net Worth

John Brumley has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He has earned this wealth from his primary career as a Composer.

Jon, 66, went to Wharton in 1963 and then worked at a Philadelphia actuarial consulting firm. But he always missed his native Texas and returned in 1971 when Southland Royalty was looking for a new chief executive.

After a few years at Southland, he co-founded XTO Energy and established Cross Timbers Royalty Trust, which soon merged with Parker i Parsley to form Pioneer Natural Resources.

The company took its stock public in March 2001, selling 24% of the shares for $93 million. Private-equity investors and bank debt (Libor plus 1.5%) paid for the rest. The Brumleys and all of the company’s early employees received founders’ stock.

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