John Burwell

John Burwell – A Well-Rounded Individual

John Burwell is a lawyer and mediation and arbitration expert who has served as a mediator and arbitrator for over 25 years. He also is a professor and textbook author in the fields of Negotiation and ADR.

The Burwell family is well known for its contributions to Virginia and North Carolina history. Members of the family were patriots in the American Revolutionary War and served in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Early Life and Education

Burwell came from a prominent family. His paternal grandfather, Lewis Burwell, was a wealthy planter in Gloucester County and his maternal grandfather, Robert Carter, served as president of the Governor’s Council.

Despite his father’s death in 1722, Burwell was raised in a comfortable environment. His mother was a well-educated woman and taught her son to read and write.

Burwell was educated at King School in Stamford, Connecticut and later went on to Harvard College. He was also a cartoonist for The Harvard Lampoon.

Professional Career

Burwell was a litigation counsel at Debevoise & Plimpton. His practice includes white collar criminal defense and government investigations, as well as national security matters.

He has also served as a mediator and arbitrator for over 25 years. His mediation experience includes civil rights, commercial and construction disputes as well as employment, hospital alliance and insurance claims.

He has also authored many articles on alternative dispute resolution. His clients appreciate his attention to detail, commitment to their needs and responsiveness. He has helped resolve a wide range of issues including wrongful death, medical malpractice, TBI and catastrophic injury. He has been certified as a mediator by the International Mediation Association and has received numerous awards for his work. He is also a member of the American Bar Association.

Achievements and Honors

john burwell is a well-rounded individual who has excelled in several areas. Aside from his illustrious legal career, he has also had a hand in several university and community service worthy achievements.

One of the most impressive was his involvement in a university wide program that allowed him to connect with students who were looking for the same things he was seeking – a place to learn, grow and succeed. Upon graduation, he landed a job at the University of New Hampshire where he is still able to blaze the trails in a variety of educational ventures. The most significant of these is the University of New Hampshire College of Business and Economics where he is currently the president and chief academic officer. In addition, he is an active member of the College’s alumni community and a strong advocate of student life.

Personal Life

John Burwell is a devoted family man and community leader. He has a strong commitment to restoring pride and transparency within the Steel Valley town of Homestead.

A new mayor, he is focused on renovations and renewal to bring the city back to an active business district. His vision will elevate the pride of lifelong residents and incoming newcomers seeking a place to call home.

The papers of Armistead Burwell in the Williams collection include correspondence related to tobacco farming, cotton planting, relations with Lucy Burwell’s tenants, and land grants in Tennessee. They also contain family letters from the late 1820s and 1860s, including family news and finances, and correspondence from students at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in the 1830s.

Net Worth

Burwell has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He has earned this fortune through his successful career.

Burwell got his start in business by operating a college janitorial service, which netted him about $6,800 per month back in the 1960s–that’s about $900,000 in today’s money. But it wasn’t until he bought a failing fiberglass container company that he really started to make a name for himself.

He subsequently acquired Pace Analytical Services, a collection of laboratories for air, water and soil testing–and made it one of the top five in the nation. His latest venture, Xerxes Industries, is the largest manufacturer of fiberglass underground storage tanks for fuels, waste, uranium and liquids. He’s also the first African American mayor of Homestead, Pennsylvania, where he’s set out to bring renewal to a historical steel town.

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