John Cafferky

John Cafferky

John Cafferky is an American lawyer based in Fairfax, Virginia.

His legal practice specializes in Schools & Education. He is a member of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association.

Early Life and Education

John Cafferky was born on July 30, 1947 and attended the College of William & Mary before earning his law degree from Harvard University. He is currently a partner at Hunton & Williams.

He is an American lawyer who specializes in general civil law with an emphasis on litigation. Additionally, his practice encompasses public utilities, taxation and antitrust matters.

He is an expert on education law and represents clients during special education hearings. Additionally, he has represented Fairfax County Public Schools in due process cases. His most recent case involved a student with Dyslexia.

Professional Career

John Cafferky has been an educator since 1986. His expertise encompasses school law, due process rights, employee rights and litigation.

He is a partner at Blankingship and Keith, where he leads the education law and litigation practice group. His duties include representing schools in due process, IDEA and Section 504 related lawsuits as well as administrative hearings with the EEOC, state agencies and federal agencies. Recently he was selected to Super Lawyers Top 100 list for the region – an honor awarded only to top legal professionals based on peer recognition, professional achievement and other cogent factors.

Achievements and Honors

John Hunton & Williams is an accomplished attorney, published author with an impressive list of awards to his name, and frequent contributor to The Atlantic magazine. When not at work, John enjoys reading a good book or sipping on a gin-and-tonic. A member of the bar since 1986, John currently resides near DC’s metroplex area as partner at Hunton & Williams where they have consistently been ranked among top ten law firms. John also contributes regularly to Harvard Law Review and The Atlantic magazine; additionally he loves being outdoors as well as technology/science related subjects.

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Personal Life

John Cafferky was a loving family man who deeply loved his wife and children. He had an infectious sense of humour as well, providing everyone with warmth and compassion.

He was also a well-known musician, leading the Beaver Brown Band – an energetic blues/rock band that had become popular throughout Rhode Island and neighboring states since the mid-’70s.

Cafferky began his professional life as a musician before embarking on a legal career. He worked at Hunton & Williams and earned his law degree from Harvard, eventually being admitted to the bar in 1986. Nowadays he serves as partner at Blankingship & Keith and leads their education law and litigation practice group; with expertise on federal and state laws such as IDEA, Section 504, and Rehabilitation Act of 1973 pertaining to students with disabilities.

Net Worth

John Cafferky is both an actor and musician who has earned a fortune from both professions. He’s worked at numerous prestigious institutions and also served as television commentator, earning millions of dollars during his career. Estimates place his net worth at at least $7 million – an impressive sum for an actor that likely stems from years of hard work and dedication to the entertainment industry. Furthermore, Cafferky’s saxophone talents have made him highly sought-after by audiences around the world, helping to further cement his place as one of music’s elite musicians.

He is a native of Achill Island and well-known throughout Ireland for his bubbly personality and infectious sense of humour. Survived by his wife and four children, he leaves behind an endearing legacy to those close to him.

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